(Natural News) In the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump received approximately eight percent of the African American vote, according to exit polls. This was an increase in support from the African American community when compared with the previous 2012 Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

Now, after delivering for the African American community with criminal justice reform, employment advantages, and opportunity zones, President Trump stands to get quadruple the support from African Americans in the 2020 election, according to the latest Rasmussen polls. When Donald Trump talks about America first, he is talking about all Americans, no matter the race, heritage or creed.

The latest Rasmussen poll asked, “If the presidential election was held today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden? The poll found the national daily black likely voter percent to be:

  • 27 percent for Monday October 26
  • 30 percent for Tuesday October 27
  • 30 percent for Wednesday October 28
  • 31 percent for Thursday October 29.
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If they get out and vote, this would be a historic black turnout for the Republican Party, as most African Americans have been taught to distrust Republicans. This Republican Party, however, is a bit unconventional, and offers a renaissance of opportunity and prosperity for people of all races.

Trump could win a landslide victory if the black caucus stands up to the abusive Democrat Party and votes for TRUMP in defiance

If the African American community votes by November 3rd, they will easily hand Donald Trump a LANDSLIDE victory, giving the black community a fighting chance to enjoy economic opportunity and to have a voice in their government. These are exciting times for African Americans, as the current President seeks to make America a prosperous place where there is opportunity for all races. The Republican’s opportunity zone proposal provides a pathway for African American communities to prosper, even as they are being held down by their high-tax Democratic states and cities.

Once re-elected, the President will also expose the Democrat’s dark vision for America, which consists of using the left-wing black lives matter and antifa crusaders to destroy African American communities and their reputation. President Trump will restore law and order so the black community can rise in a peaceful, prosperous way and be respected with dignity.

Democrat-run cities are lawless hell holes, with high taxes and fascist restrictions that hold the African American community back. Donald Trump wants to see life go back to normal, with people prospering no matter the color of their skin. In his historical criminal justice reform, he has liberated many people of color from discriminatory color of law abuses, while commuting countless non-violent sentences so people can have a second chance. In 2018, Trump negotiated into law The First Step Act, which helps inmates successfully return to society by expanding access to rehabilitative programs. The Act goes a step further and provides second chance hiring opportunities for former inmates so they can take up rewarding careers and enjoy the dignity of work.

If the black caucus stand ups to their abusers (the Democrat Party) and shows up to the polls to cast their vote, then President Trump will be able to continue the fight for the African American community, their rights, their jobs, their freedom and their dignity, while stopping Democrats from destroying their communities and imprisoning them.

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