A DOJ official just confirmed that in 2019 the FBI opened an investigation into Hunter Biden over allegations of money-laundering. It is still open to this day.

Daybreak Insider: And it is ongoing (Sinclair). From Charlie Kirk: The FBI was investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals in December 2019 while Donald Trump was being impeached for simply questioning those same deals. Why are we just learning about their investigation now? (Twitter). From James Rosen: Tony Bobulinski tells @WeAreSinclair he was questioned by six @FBI agents, with counsel present, for five hours on October 23, listing him as a “material witness” in an ongoing investigation focused on Hunter Biden and his associates. His cell phones were examined (Twitter). From Guy Benson: I’ve never been hot on this story, but DOJ confirms existence of investigation. Bobulinski has documentary evidence. Biden campaign won’t deny his specific accusations or authenticity of evidence. How can this be summarily ignored & dismissed as a “smear” from “Russia”? (Twitter). From David Harsanyi: Anyone who watched Tony Bobulinski’s interview on Tucker Carlson’s show this week — apparently it pulled over 5 million viewers — was confronted with a seemingly credible character. Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden in 2017, and that the former vice president was intimately involved in the family business. Maybe someone will ask the candidate about this. Because Biden, widely seen as the frontrunner, has on numerous occasions emphatically denied any knowledge of what Hunter was doing. So even if he didn’t benefit from his son’s leveraging of the family name to strike deals with Chinese Communist energy interests, it is still newsworthy (Twitter). One of the founders of The Intercept resigned after the paper refused to publish his article critical of Biden on this issue (Greenwald).  More on Greenwald (Red State). NBC News jumped on a conspiracy story nobody ever heard of treating it as if it were the story the media has been ignoring (Twitter). From Kimberly Strassel: I can say i have never seen this document, nor have i read anything quoting it. I can also say it therefore bears zero relevance on the legitimate evidence about Hunter Biden’s biz, via laptop and Bobulinski (Twitter).

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner says Joe DID know about son’s deal with Chinese energy firm and IS ‘the big guy’ in email set to get 10% cut of the deal

DOJ official confirms FBI 2019 criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, still active

WASHINGTON (SBG) – A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering and that the probe remains active.

Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen has also spoken with a central witness in these allegations, which suggests that former vice president Joe Biden knew more than he has acknowledged about his son’s overseas dealings.

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Tony Bobulinksi was thrust into the national spotlight on the evening of the final presidential debate.

Bobulinksi discussed why he feels if elected, Biden would be compromised by the Chinese government and much more in an exclusive interview with Rosen.

The compromise they have is that in documents that have been well provided to the Senate, to Congress, to the Department of Justice via the FBI that CEFC was effectively loaning money directly to the Biden family.

Bobulinksi said he was first introduced to the former vice president in May 2017 by Hunter and Jim Biden in Beverly Hills, California.

He claimed they talked about the Biden family business plans with China, despite the Democratic nominee on several occasions denying he had any involvement, including the final presidential debate when Biden said, “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

During his remarks that same night, Bobulinksi displayed three phones he claimed contained evidence against the Bidens that would be turned over to the FBI.

Less than a week later, Bobulisnki was interviewed by members of the FBI for several hours, where he says they went over each piece of evidence found on the phones.

Bubolinksi on FBI meeting. Video: Sinclair Broadcast Group

My impression was everyone in that room was aware of the sensitivity of the parties involved and potential multiple impacts to this country and every citizen living in it.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Bobulinksi held a top-secret security clearance for several years.

When asked if China may be in possession of any potential evidence that could help shed light on these claims, Bobulisnki said the country might have information on the Biden’s business dealings across the entire globe.

Bubolinksi on China evidence. Video: Sinclair Broadcast Group

I can only imagine to the extent that the Chinese communist party has information on the Biden family and their business dealings. Other business dealings that occurred in Romania, Khazakstan, Georgia, Monaco and the Middle East, and then obviously topping off in Russia.

Bobulinksi said he decided to speak out publicly when he heard Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and other Democrats who suggested these allegations were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

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Before that, Bobulinksi noted it was the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump that was the spark that made him want to gather his information and provide it to the authorities.

Bubolinksi on coming forward. Video: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“I didn’t want to put my face out there, I didn’t want to put my family at risk. I now have ex-Navy SEALs guarding my family and my extended family and I have now put myself in huge risk for the sake of the American people.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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