(Natural News) Joe Biden wants to be the first US president to be inaugurated on a VIRTUAL stage. The seventy-eight-year-old, showing signs of cognitive decline, prefers to do a virtual inauguration to stay away from large crowds and out of the public’s eye. After riding the coattails of a stolen election, Joe Biden is planning a low-energy, low-visibility and low-contact Presidency, and has even considered feigning disease in order to resign and give Kamala Harris the job.

Biden believes he will be inaugurated on January 20th and wants minimal attendance in Washington D.C. on that day. As Biden’s proposal for inauguration goes virtual, the Presidential Inaugural Committee has cleared the way to allow Biden to accept individual donations up to $500,000 and corporate donations up to $1 million for the nonexistent event. Where will this money go? The Joe Biden transition team is compromised of Chinese elites who have already taken advantage of Hunter Biden’s White House connections.

How much election fraud must be presented before Democrats concede to the truth?

Talks of inauguration day are underway as Big Media and Big Tech prime the population to accept that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election, fair and square. This charade is being carried out while historic evidence of election fraud is being presented to state legislatures across the country. Almost every act of fraud, including improbable vote hauls, vote switches and software glitches, has solely benefited the Democratic candidate. These criminal actions across multiple states appear to be a coordinated effort to remove Trump from office and subvert the will of the people.

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Election integrity issues do not matter to Joe Biden and the democratic party, as they push forward with phony speeches about the “peaceful transition of power.” Biden is already making unconstitutional mandates from his fraudulent “office of the president-elect.” It doesn’t matter how election-flipping fraud is presented, the Democrats think it will all go away if they continue to ignore reality and gaslight America, never conceding to the truth. How many times does the evidence have to be presented; how many times do witnesses have to put their lives on the line; and how many have to testify of Democrat corruption, before this party of criminals admits defeat?

Congress must object to Biden electors and vote in a contingent election as multiple states report widespread election fraud

States are certifying their electors for Joe Biden, even while state legislatures hear enormous amounts of election fraud that would render Joe Biden’s vote hauls illegitimate and/or illegal. The Supreme Court may ultimately be needed to make a determination. One of the remaining safeguards against this coordinated effort to crown Biden is found in the U.S. Constitution. When the electors are presented to Congress on January 6, they can be contested. When that day comes, the election can be contested if one member of the House and one member of the Senate provide a written objection to the electors of a state(s).

With ample evidence of election fraud across multiple states, several members of Congress could come forward with lengthy written objections to the certified electors. In this event, both the Senate and the House must split up and debate the merits of the objection. The Constitution is unclear how the following debate leads to the de-certification of electors, but if an agreement is not reached, then the state’s electoral votes can be deemed null and void, putting both Trump and Biden below the 270-threshold of electoral votes needed for victory. If no agreement is made, the 2020 election would become a contingent election, which requires a ballot vote for President in the House and Senate, with the state delegations getting one vote each and Senators each getting one vote. Because Republicans control 26 state houses, Trump would win in a contingent election, and would rightfully go on to serve another four years in the White House.

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