(Natural News) In an effort to reach as many Americans as possible before it is too late, Worldview Weekend is offering its new DocuMovies feature Brainwashed America free to stream for anyone who wants to watch it.

Host Brannon Howse, who conducted a powerful interview with three-star Gen. Thomas McInerney back in the fall, is feeling an urgency to get the message out there that the brainwashing phase of America is just about complete. What comes next is going to catch millions by surprise, save for those who watch the film or are already familiar with its contents.

“We must inform the American people of the ultimate weapon of disinformation, information operations, psychological warfare or what is commonly called, ‘brainwashing,’” the Worldview Weekend website explains.

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Deviating from its traditional format, Worldview Weekend is simply asking that those with the means to do so donate to the ongoing project if they appreciate what it is trying to do. Those who cannot afford to contribute are free to partake in educating themselves with no expectation of giving a donation.

Below you can watch the roughly two-hour film right here on this page. Please note that it contains a short introduction from Howse explaining the purpose of the project and how you can help support it and all future installments:

If you enjoyed the film, please help support it

It cannot be emphasized enough that streaming videos straight from the source like this is not cheap. Worldview Weekend is spending a lot of money to make this available to you, your family, and your friends for free, so if you feel compelled to contribute, please do.

Unlike YouTube videos, which are free to upload just so long as you abide by Google’s ever-changing “terms of service,” private streaming platforms like the one hosted by Worldview Weekend cost thousands of dollars per month to maintain.

“We are counting on Americans to partner with us in one of two ways,” Howse says. “Will you consider making a tax deductible contribution right now at WVWFoundation.com of any size?”

You can also send a check to:
WVW Foundation
P.O. Box 1690
Collierville, TN 38027

You can also make a payment over the phone during normal business hours by calling (901) 825-0652.

Worldview Weekend has also partnered up with MyPillow to offer exclusive discounts for those who shop using the promo code WVW.

“Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has over 100 products available,” Howse notes. “When you use the promo code WVW you will save up to 66% and Mike will give a generous portion of each sale to support our WVW Broadcast Network.”

“Please tell all your friends to watch Brainwashed America, Part 1, and then ask them to use the promo code WVW at MyPillow.com.”

If this model of fundraising works, Howse plans to continue offering DocuMovies for free to everyone who wants to watch them. This will ensure that nobody gets left out who does not have the financial means to learn important truths about where our country is headed and why.

Howse is also offering DVD copies of Brainwashed America, Part 1, at a steep discount. While each copy would normally cost around $24.99, Howse is offering this one for $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping for the first copy. Each additional copy in an order costs an additional $1.00 for shipping.

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Howse’s hope is that people who appreciate the film will purchase multiple copies of it to share with their family and friends. This lower cost will ensure that more of them are able to do that.

More related news about what is in store for the United States moving forward can be found at Collapse.news.

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