(Natural News) Yes, over 1 million iPhone users in Virginia are dumb enough to believe that the tracking and tracing app we’ll call COVID-DUMB will keep their information private while alerting them to Wuhan flu victims that come within 6 feet of them. The Virginia Department of Health has connected the app to a national key server, exposing the user’s data and location to the Virginia SS police, who will soon be quarantining everyone at FEMA’s leper colonies (Covid concentration camps).

Are you getting “exposure notifications?” You may have come close to somebody (even your own family) who was exposed to Covid last year, built antibodies, never caught it, and tested positive anyway. Danger!

Android and iPhone users get notified when they’re exposed to someone else’s smartphone, and this allows the user to needlessly self-quarantine for two weeks after walking by any human who’s been data-based as a threat to humanity. Currently, there’s no proof the app works, or that the database is legitimate, or that the Covid tests work, or that Bill Gates himself isn’t manipulating the software to scare Virginians into house arrest for the rest of their shortened lives (until the doomsday final vaccine kicks in).

When the COVID-DUMB app alerts you, seek medical attention immediately, so you can be inoculated with a dirty vaccine that promotes cancer cells

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But wait, there’s more. COVID-DUMB Express provides an additional option to help Virginians have their privacy and security invaded even further. The app has already sent out over 10,000 questionable exposure notifications to add to the hysteria and propaganda of the plandemic. That means the average person gets at least 80 notifications per day so that every step you take in public warns you of imminent death from the China flu.

The app is connected to 15 other states plus, of course, Washington D.C., where the communists catalog their future FEMA concentration camp residents. Of course, the track-and-trace app is free, because you surrender your privacy and safety rights – a tradeoff that’s always done in the name of the “greater good,” like Hitler always said. Remember, mRNA means foreign proteins that enable cancer cells to multiply are being inserted into your body.

Be sure to tell your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the COVID-DUMB app, so they’ll be “with you” in the FEMA concentration camps

COVID-DUMB app provides ‘tokens’ that are supposedly anonymous and ‘expire’ after a specified period of days, as Apple-Google software collects all your information forever. Just like PRISM, as exposed by Edward Snowden, nothing done online is ever thrown away, trashed, disposed of, or deleted. This includes social media posts, emails, and of course, the COVID-DUMB app user’s information. Hello user, you’ve got mail. You’ve been exposed (to false-positive victims) and instructed to report to the nearest FEMA leper colony within 2 hours or a warrant for your arrest will be served.

Once you “opt-in” there’s no opting out. The ENS (exposure notification system) generates an invasion of privacy token for your device. This token changes every 20 minutes to make you believe it’s anonymous, so you can have that warm, fuzzy feeling that your government cares about your health and safety. Smartphones all around you will be working in the background, exchanging your private information via blue-tooth technology.

On a daily basis, your phone will download all the non-anonymous ‘tokens’ associated with false-positive COVID-19 cases encountered over the past two weeks. If there’s a match (which of course there will be plenty), you will receive further instructions from your public health SS representative on how long you should quarantine (stop working, stop talking to people, and sit on your couch consuming GMOs and toxic medications as prescribed by your quack MD).

Be aware, there are plenty of false test reports in the COVID-DUMB app

The app requires users to confirm a ‘secret code’ (the first three letters of your first and last names, and your date of birth) to ‘ensure’ a match with the Wuhan lab specialists who released the virus in the first place. Nobody could ever guess this secret code, so you’re completely safe and protected from hackers and terrorists. After you punch in your super-secret code of the letters of your name and your birth date, you can report your fake positive COVID test, and add to the chaos of false reporting everywhere. After that, a VDH case investigator (Democrat SS Police) will reach out to you (issue you a summons to report to FEMA concentration camp) within 24 hours.

Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for updates on more dirty vaccines and tracking apps used for population reduction schemes coming to a busy city near you.

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