Natural News) If you want to know the real plan for mandatory vaccines and open borders, it’s not that difficult to figure out, really: Vaccines are designed to kill off Americans while open borders are designed to allow a flood of obedient third world illegals to replace them.

Democrats love illegals to flood in from socialist-leaning third world nations because those illegals are poorly educated and easy to manipulate through false authority. And because many of those illegals grew up under socialist welfare states, that’s all they know, and their loyalty to Democrats can be purchased with nothing more than a few handouts.

This is why the CDC is pushing for Americans to be fully vaccinated while saying nothing about the vaccination of illegals who are flooding into the country. If public safety were really important — and if vaccines actually worked — the CDC would be screaming to mass vaccinate all the illegals at the border. But in many cases, those illegals — who are all law-breakers, by the way — aren’t even being tested for infectious disease. That’s because the real goal isn’t protecting public health but rather replacing American voters with obedient illegals who are allowed and even encouraged to illegally vote in U.S. elections by Democrats making sure voter ID laws are crushed at every opportunity. (Hence the current concocted hysteria about Georgia’s voter ID laws.)

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Today’s Situation Update podcast tells the full story of this nefarious plot to kill Americans and replace them with obedient, third world illegals. Your vote is being diluted with each passing day, and current estimates say 1.2 million illegals are poised to enter the U.S. in just the next few months. It really is a “flood the zone” strategy for Democrats to achieve permanent, totalitarian rule over the United States.

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