(Natural News) The latest data out of Israel completely annihilates the government narrative that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are safe and effective.

Updated daily, the figures show that hospitalizations for the Chinese Virus are up tenfold – not among the “unvaccinated,” mind you, but among people who obeyed the medical fascists and got the jab.

Serious new “cases” of the Fauci Flu have been skyrocketing ever since the beginning of July, which was right around the time when peak injection was achieved in the Holy Land.

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“Israel has broken out the data in various ways at various times, but throughout July most new patients were vaccinated,” says independent journalist Alex Berenson.

To try to make it appear as though the non-jabbed are the ones getting sick, the Israeli government is deliberately comparing rates of serious illness among the elderly, most of whom got the jab.

This intentional skewing of the data creates the illusion, at least to the untrained eye, that unvaccinated people are getting sick from the “delta variant” while vaccinated people are protected. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Israel did an excellent job convincing people over 60 to be vaccinated,” Berenson explains. “Only about 1 person in 15 in that age range didn’t receive at least one dose. Fewer than 1 in 10 is not fully vaccinated.”

“Why should you care? Because the tiny fraction of older people who are unvaccinated in Israel at this point are [is] almost certainly materially different than the vast majority who are. As far as I know, the Israel government hasn’t broken out the differences.”

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A lot of this stuff goes over most people’s heads, but suffice it to say that the Israeli government purposely selected a demographic that it knew was already mostly vaccinated, as well as prone to illness due to age, in order to push its pro-vaccine agenda.

Only a tiny fraction of senior citizens in Israel are unvaccinated, and the reason is that most of them are too sick to tolerate the vaccine – meaning they have pre-existing conditions that preclude their participation in the public health endeavor.

When these same non-injected people get sick and have to be hospitalized, the Israeli government uses them as a statistic to suggest that unvaccinated people are getting sick and dying.

“… if they are too sick to tolerate the vaccine, they are obviously at much higher risk from Covid than the vaccinated,” Berenson explains.

“In other words, ability (and propensity) to be vaccinated is likely a marker for overall health. Researchers know this is true of the influenza vaccine – once they adjust for the fact that older people who get the vaccine are healthier to start than those who don’t, the advantage the vaccine seems to offer mostly disappears.”

A much more accurate approach would be to examine the trend of serious illness among older vaccinated people, which Berenson describes as “terrible.” This, of course, is why the Israeli government, which is all-in on Trump Vaccines, refuses to do it.

“The rate of cases has risen 12-fold IN A MONTH,” Berenson notes. “On July 4th, fewer than 1 older vaccinated person in 100,000 became seriously ill. Today the rate is 10 in 100,000.”

The Israeli government is now predicting a quadrupling of new, serious cases of the Wuhan Flu by the end of August – this is on top of the meteoric rise in new cases that resulted from Israel’s mass vaccination campaign.

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“… around 85 percent of adults over 30 (in Israel) are fully vaccinated,” Berenson points out about the scam. “That’s well above the range experts said would provide herd immunity.”

Article by Ethan Huff