(Natural News) Once upon a time, Joe Biden didn’t like medical mandates and testing enforced by the government when it came to the spread of a deadly virus, but that was then, and the political winds for his party have shifted, and so has he.

We’ll call this ‘a tale of two viruses.’

Footage uncovered by Big League Politics features then-Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., “speaking of mandatory medical screening and governmental overreach in response to disease in a 1987 video, speaking about policies similar to those he’s enacted as President in critical terms.”

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“It’s not very far off the horizon… That if we don’t get one disease under control, you may find legislative bodies taking whole classes of people based upon propensity of conduct, saying we’re going to put you in a certain category, we’re going to demand mandatory testing for you,” Biden said, prophetically — which means that his party was very likely considering doing just that already, only with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, because Democrats have always done the opposite of what they say.

Biden foreshadows coronavirus mandates
Biden foreshadows coronavirus mandates

In those days, Democrats treated the deadly disease like it was a matter of “civil rights” not to have to disclose, for example, that someone had tested positive for HIV or that they had full-blown AIDS, the latter of which was nearly always fatal.

That’s because in those days, Republicans thought that as a matter of public health, someone should have to reveal said information if they were going to be in close contact with other people, simply because it was not eminently clear how HIV spread (sexual contact was the biggest medium).

So, because Republicans wanted disclosure as a matter of public health, Democrats, who are political chameleons, didn’t want it. That’s why Biden was warning about what he’s doing today: As president, he is demanding disclosure for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and what’s more, he has ordered mandatory vaccines for more than 80 million Americans, most of whom are in the private sector.

Just like he warned in 1987.

“If we raise our vaccination rate, protect ourselves and others with masking and expanded testing, and identify people who are infected, we can and we will turn the tide on COVID-19,” Biden said earlier this month in announcing his unconstitutional mandate. “It will take a lot of hard work, and it’s going to take some time.  Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free.

“We’re in a tough stretch, and it could last for a while. The highly contagious Delta variant that I began to warn America about back in July spread in late summer like it did in other countries before us,” he continued.

“While the vaccines provide strong protections for the vaccinated, we read about, we hear about, and we see the stories of hospitalized people, people on their death beds, among the unvaccinated over these past few weeks,” Biden said, before calling out unvaccinated Americans as though they are Public Health Enemy No. 1.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And it’s caused by the fact that despite America having an unprecedented and successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost five months free vaccines have been available in 80,000 different locations, we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot,” he said.

Of course, other public health officials (and closet Democrats) who once publicly shunned medical and vaccine mandates have also flipped their scripts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, who actually did yeoman’s work on AIDS shortly after taking over his department in the 1980s.

“I know there’s a lot of pushback against mandates,” the White House chief medical adviser told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson last week. “But, I think we’re in such an emergency situation with the 150,000 cases that we’re having each day.”

Democrats are authoritarians, not Republicans — and certainly not Donald Trump who, as president, never mandated anything in relation to the pandemic.

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