(Natural News) Engineered food scarcity is a weapon that’s designed to achieve depopulation across the globe by creating famine, starvation and social unrest.

The quickest way to achieve global famine is to cut off the fertilizer supply. No fertilizer = no food.

And the quickest way to shut down fertilizer production is to choke off fossil fuels.

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You can’t turn solar energy directly into fertilizer. There’s no direct conversion. Natural gas and other fossil fuels, on the other hand, are directly translated into fertilizer (ammonia, initially) through a very efficient method that simply can’t be matched by “green” energy. It’s called the “Haber process.”

N2 (Nitrogen) + CH4 (Natural Gas) = Ammonia (NH3)

The N2 (nitrogen) comes from atmospheric air. The atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen, so nitrogen is readily available in the air.

As part of fertilizer production, this ammonia is then combined with carbon dioxide to produce Urea, another critical fertilizer product:

NH3 (Ammonia) + CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) = CO(NH2)2 (Urea)

Nitric acid is then produced from ammonia and oxygen:

NH3 (Ammonia) + O2 (Oxygen) = HNO3 (Nitric Acid)

Finally, the nitric acid is combined with ammonia to produce ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer product:

HNO3 (Nitric Acid) + NH3 (Ammonia) = NH4NO3 (Ammonium Nitrate)

Much of the production of fertilizer in the world centers around this chemical process known as the “Haber Process,” created in 1908, which is arguably the single most important chemical reaction to sustain humanity at current population levels:

N2 (Nitrogen) + 3H2 (Hydrogen) = 2NH3 (Ammonia)

In effect, this transforms air into fertilizer by combining it with hydrogen from fossil fuels (i.e. natural gas). This reaction takes place at a temperature of 450 C and at 200 atmospheres of pressure, meaning it requires heavy duty equipment and energy inputs in order to succeed:

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About 3.8 billion people depend on this process to feed themselves. Without this process, the present-day human population would be impossible to sustain. Thus, killing off about half the world’s population merely requires restricting the fossil fuels that provide the hydrocarbons used in the Haber process.

Notice that the key inputs in fertilizer production are natural gas and atmospheric air. You can’t simply replace natural gas (CH4) with solar panels or wind power, because solar energy doesn’t produce CH4, and neither does wind energy. You actually need the fossil fuels as a key input in this chemistry.

SCIENCE FACT: The global shutdown of fossil fuels in the name of “green” energy will lead to global famine and societal collapse

Importantly, when coal, oil and other fossil fuels are squeezed by scientifically ignorant globalists who claim to be working towards a “green” future, it causes shortages and price inflation across all fossil fuels, including the natural gas used in fertilizer production.

Yesterday, coming out of the COP26 globalist conference, 40 nations committed to “phasing out coal” over the next few years. This is a pathway to guaranteed global famine because it will result in devastating energy shortages across the planet.

In fact, the current energy shortages already plaguing the planet as we head into winter for the Northern hemisphere — with blackouts now anticipated across North America, Ukraine, Western Europe, China, India and Middle Eastern nations — are entirely a result of truly suicidal globalist “leaders” shutting down fossil fuels infrastructure in the name of “green” energy.

While green energy can certainly contribute to the power grid when it comes to raw consuming of electricity, it cannot replace the Haber process for producing fertilizer.

Thus, when the infrastructure for fossil fuels is shuttered, fertilizer production ceases.

“[T]he [price] level that has now been reached no longer enables economically sound production,” stated German SKW Piesteritz, the largest fertilizer producer in Germany. Fertilizer production has also been shuttered in Australia, the United States, the UK and many other nations around the world, all due to increases in natural gas prices, stemming from the energy scarcity caused by globalist “green energy” policies.

From Bloomberg.com:

CF Industries Holdings Inc. said Wednesday it’s halting operations at its Billingham and Ince manufacturing complexes due to high natural gas prices, with no estimate for when production will resume. European gas and power futures tumbled Thursday on signs energy-intensive industries are curbing consumption.

The crisis could have severe economic consequences. Soaring prices are exposing the risk of power outages this winter, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Blackouts would likely send energy prices even higher, compounding concerns about inflation and adding to the rising costs businesses are already shouldering for raw materials.

For CF, shutting down these plants, which largely produce ammonium nitrate, will cause the company to lose some production volume, according to Alexis Maxwell, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. The bigger potential impact will likely be on global pricing for fertilizer as concerns grow that other producers will follow suit, she said.

Fertilizer prices are already high, and that’s adding to increasing expenses for farmers, who are paying more for everything from land and seeds to equipment. The higher costs of production may mean even more food inflation is on the way.

“We wouldn’t be surprised to see more nitrogen and chemicals production across Europe idled in the coming days until gas prices moderate,” Joel Jackson, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets, said in a report.

The great food scarcity catastrophe of 2022 is already “baked in”

Because of the shuttering of fertilizer production in 2021, a catastrophic loss of crop production in 2022 is already in the cards. It cannot be stopped. We are going to see food scarcity accelerating in 2022 far beyond the current state of empty shelves and food inflation.

We anticipate seeing global food riots in 2022, along with increasing food insecurity (famine) and starvation in some nations.

The engineered global shipping supply chain crunch will only worsen this dynamic, leading to long delays in fertilizer deliveries, even if production can be achieved.

Power grid failures will strongly impact fertilizer production plants, as a functioning local power grid is absolutely necessary for fertilizer production to be conducted.

Vaccine mandates will contribute to the collapse, with criminal governments locking down workers and preventing the labor force from functioning at full capacity.

The end result is global food riots, famine, starvation, social unrest and chaos. This is all by design, of course, because the globalist governments of the world have declared war on humanity and are carrying out a campaign of mass genocide against the human race.

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