You knew it was a scam just as much as the CONvid-1984 has been a scam. Convention of States boardmember Robbie George is not only advancing gun control, but is doing it in a totally new Constitution. Mark Meckler has been hustling and pimping the CoS anti-American scam for years saying that there is no way it can be a runaway convention despite the history of the Articles of Confederation, our first constitution that required unanimous consent to alter it, being left to rot due to a brand new Constitution being put in place that only required 3/4s of the states to ratify it. See the truth of what these men are doing and warn your states and CoS supporters of their craftiness and deceitfulness.

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Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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DHS’ Alejandro Mayorkas – Working With Social Media Giants To Circumvent Freedom Of Speech

South Korean Doctors Examine Pfizer & Moderna Shots When Warmed: Discover “Alive, Moving Organism” (Video)

New England Journal Of Medicine: 82% OF Pregnant Women Vaccinated In 1st Or 2nd Trimester Suffer Spontaneous Abortions

Criminal CDC Now Confirming Multiple Cases Of Myocarditis In Children Ages 5-11 Who Took Pfizer COVID Shot (Video)

Mockingbird Media ‘Journalists’ Float Idea That Criticizing Joe Biden Is A Danger To “Democracy”

You Know It’s All A Hoax When Airline CEOs Say It’s Futile To Require Masks On Airplanes (Video)

The U.S. Government Has A Massive, Secret Stockpile Of Bitcoin — Here’s What Happens To It

Mark Meckler’s “COS” Board Member Has Drafted A New Constitution Which Imposes Gun Control


The Constitution Drafting Project

11/8/21 – Roundtable Discussion On Convention Of States

Whose Side Is The NRA Really On?

Articles Of Confederation

The US Constitution

BBA 33 Active Article v Applications by Tim Brown on Scribd

TRENDING:  Kate Shemirani: When A Medical Diagnosis Actually Means Malnourished

CRS Report and Constitution Contradict COS’s False and Reckless Assurances by Tim Brown on Scribd

What the Convention Lobby Isn’t Telling You About Our Declaration of Independence Sep 21, 2020 by Tim Brown on Scribd

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