Apathy killed America in 2020.

Over two years ago I went partially blind and my vision is now back, but…

In the interim I watched a nightmare unfold, which we all watched and could not stop.

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We are in the middle of a communist takeover of America and it’s horrifying.

Elections in this country are no longer fair (and have not been for some time).

As bad as I hate to say it, I was right.

Trump got 60% or more of the popular vote against both Hillary and Biden and the totals were not accurately reported in either case.

I have little proof but I know it’s true and you do too.

They finally took us out, and we must rise again.

Republicans in D.C. are no longer true conservatives.

God, Family, Country has been replaced with “Me, myself and I” at the national level.

Big business buys politicians as politicians sell us.

I’m mad as hell and you should be too.

None of this will be easy but we will find a way to win if we stick together.

There is no other choice.

There is no time to bury ourselves in TV or other comfortable addictions/distractions.

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We must fight or America dies.

I hate to ask but I really need your help.

I have spent pretty much all I have just trying to survive the last two+ years and now I’m pouring all that’s left into divorce attorneys.

My kids belong with me.

I’ve got to come through this better than ever.

I still don’t see like I once did and have some brain damage but just can’t wait any longer.

Times are desperate for me and all of us.

I’m back though and I’d bet on myself at half strength over most people at full strength.


I have heart and belief we can win America back.

Do you?

If you do then start fighting and let’s give all we have to return to glory.

In the end we will lie together on  the field of battle exhausted but victorious. (roughly borrowed from Lombardi)

There is no more time to waste.

The time is NOW!