I was born in Kansas City in 1969.

I grew up as a rabid Chiefs, Royals, Kings (now in Sacramento) and Comets (indoor soccer) fan.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 1969 and not again until 2 seasons ago.

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AND, I missed it.

I made myself miss it.


Until a few years ago, the NFL was part of a huge problem in America.

Despite making BILLIONS of dollars they still had tax-exempt status.

They didn’t pay taxes, like the rest of us.

Did you know that?

I looked it up and the actual change came in 2015:

In a memo to the league’s ownership groups on Tuesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league office and Membership Council would be ending their tax exempt status and filing returns as taxable entities for the 2015 fiscal year, the first time since 1942 they will do so. SOURCE

Can you believe that?

I call that horse ****!!!

This is how America works folks.

The rich get richer and pay little or no taxes.

This is just one of many reasons I started writing about a decade ago.

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I had season tickets at one time and gave it all up because the rich have ways of getting us to finance our own destruction.

That’s how America works and with Biden in office it will get worse.

Trump was not a perfect president but at least things were moving in the right direction.

Big business and the mainstream media didn’t like that.

Now we are all back at square one.

I’m back but need help folks.

My family is counting on me after recovering my eyesight and I’m asking you to help us.

I’m ready to take them all on again but really need whatever help I can get to support my babies.

God Bless America.

Screw the NFL.

They only care about profits while you and I have to face reality.

No Super Bowl party for me this year.

No thanks.