(Natural News) The latest data from the British government shows a disturbing trend among the “fully vaccinated,” who are very clearly dying at a significantly higher rate than the unvaccinated.

According to the figures, there are 286 percent more deaths occurring now among people who got jabbed for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) compared to people who left their immune systems and DNA alone.

Upwards of one million people have suffered serious injuries or died so far from the shots. And this is a conservative estimate based on official government data, which is known to be underreported.

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Ben Armstrong, host of The Ben Armstrong Show, explores the subject further in the following video from Brighteon:

Armstrong explains that the vaccinated people who are doing the best as far as health outcomes go are those who took just one injection and stopped. The worst-off folks are those who take two or more.

It would seem as though the more injections a person gets, the more at risk they are of dying.

“It is the people who have been vaccinated two or three times that are dying of Covid-19,” Armstrong contends.

The vaccines are what’s killing people, not covid

Armstrong apparently believes that these people are dying from Covid-19 and not from the vaccine, but the fact of the matter is that covid has never been isolated or even proven to exist.

Some people have been getting sick from something (severe seasonal flu?) since the beginning, but we have really seen an uptick in deaths ever since the injections were widely administered under Operation Warp Speed.

Ever since that time, hospitals have reportedly been overflowing with sick, fully vaccinated people who are having to undergo intensive care for their vaccine injuries. Many of them end up dying.

Many believe that so-called “covid deaths” among the fully vaccinated are just vaccine deaths. The virus, among other things, is inside the vials and is being injected into people who later get sick or die.

Armstrong also mentions the recent report from Indianapolis-based insurance giant OneAmerica about how death claims are up 40 percent across the industry.

“It’s from the vaccines, it clearly has to be,” Armstrong contends. “Because actual deaths from Covid-19 went down during this period of time.”

“Those are people who are dying from heart conditions or something else, random stuff, clearly being brought on by the vaccine.”

Several commenters at The New American further pointed out that the labeling of these deaths in the fully vaccinated as being from “covid” is a desperate attempt at deflecting from the truth that the jabs are the true cause.

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“They have to label vaxx deaths as covid now … dismantling any argument about ‘effectiveness’ to keep from admitting the mystery gene amplifiers (not vaccines) are killing thousands,” one of them wrote.

Since the so-called “vaccines” either contain or cause the body to produce deadly, blood-clotting spike proteins, another suggested, it makes perfect sense that the jabs are killing people with “mystery” illnesses, often involving the heart.

“At present there is no vaccine available,” wrote someone else about how these jabs are not vaccines. “There never was since the beginning of this show.”

“The vaxx IS the virus,” responded another. “It comes in the form of deadly spike proteins that your body has been programmed to produce.”

It turns out that in order to qualify as a vaccine, an inoculation must actually prevent disease (at least under the old definition). Covid “vaccines” only make the disease less severe, or so we are told.

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