Since the ascendancy of Donald J. Trump on Americas political stage, we’ve all been witness to this sequential chain of escalating events over the past several years, revealing just how extensive and ubiquitous the culture of corruption saturating Washington D.C., and by extension every major federal institution, is. Of course this corruption existed long before Trump, but at least there were mechanisms of pretense in place to help maintain the facade of civility and political propriety. There were at least until Barack Hussein Obama came along like a community organizing wrecking ball with his token negro privilege. Weaponizing the IRS against those Obama perceived as his political enemies. Illegally running guns to Mexican drug cartels and those Syrian rebels who later went on to form ISIS. Helping one of the biggest state sponsors of international terrorism in the Middle East and sworn enemies of the United States and Israel in Iran on the path to nuclear weapons proliferation. Having DHS agents scrubbing the records of Muslim refugees coming into the United States who had known ties to Islamic terrorism (it should be noted the DHS whistle-blower, Phil Haney, who exposed this activity in 2016, was later found dead in February of 2020 on a California back road from a single gun shot wound to the chest which law enforcement officials claimed was self-inflicted). Self-inflicted. Riiiight.

The GOP however, for their part in failing to give any substantive push back (as usual) against the true insurrectionists in the Nazicrat Party, have essentially shown themselves to be nothing but COWARDS! Yeah, no surprise there I know, but in some cases we’ve got the usual RINO suspects in the GOP just as complicit too as far as I’m concerned. Especially when it comes to the layered complexities of an enormous undertaking such as stealing a national presidential election away from the American people, thereby dispossessing millions of citizens of their votes.

That’s just how much of a threat Donald J. Trump is seen as by this sewage catch-basin of globalist, ruling class turds. Now, just over a year later since this unparalleled political theft occurred, the Covid Plannedemic has consumed the world in a conspiratorial wild fire, with millions believing it to be the nuclear bomb in the globalists arsenal towards finally realizing their “great reset” ambitions. Recently Glenn Beck revealed a comprehensive examination of this entire Covid controversy on his network, The Blaze, detailing and exposing the Democrats revered Covid poster boy, Anthony Fauci, and his own pernicious role in its development and progression.

Then, when you consider Fauci’s part in providing funding for the gain of function research necessary to make this virus transmissible to humans despite his self-righteous denials, not to mention every damnable, politically motivated thing we as American citizens have had to stomach and put up with for the past two years, devastating our economy, purposefully eroding and subverting our personal freedoms and rights, being responsible for countless personal tragedies and losses and it boggles my mind how that little rat bastard, along with several others, are allowed to continue breathing free air instead of sitting their asses in Leavenworth.

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When you scrutinize all the various pieces of this puzzle then reflect on how desperate Democrats and their RINO colleagues had been (and still are, make no mistake) to not only get rid of Trump, but destroy him and everyone associated with him in whatever capacity (from family members to associates and even Trump’s supporters), those pieces begin to come together on their own. And the reality they present should be frightening for any critical thinking person to comprehend. As for myself, I remember distinctly Fauci and Democrats downplaying the seriousness of this virus as its threat began manifesting, with Fauci publicly declaring this virus posing no serious threat to Americans and that it wouldn’t necessitate changes to anyone’s personal life style, with Fauci even stating on 60 Minutes the ineffectiveness of masks at preventing the spread of the virus. All I can think after having watched Beck’s special and knowing now of our governments own involvement is, “They knew!” China certainly didn’t want a second term of Trump either, making the timing of this whole Chinese/Wuhan/Corona/Covid-19 virus suspect as well. Especially when you recall how indifferent and dismissive to any potential threat Democrats appeared to be, yet how quick they were to exploit it for their own political expediency in the subsequent months. They knew.

I’ve been saying for awhile now how I wouldn’t be surprised one damn bit if evidence were to ever be discovered revealing certain key Democrats and RINO’s having colluded to some extent or another with the Chinese Communist Party to help facilitate the introduction and spread of this virus into the United States. For the express purpose of influencing and subverting the 2020 elections, damaging president Trump’s chances for reelection. Segue in the deteriorating series of catabolic events during this past year since our stolen election with the placement of Obama’s senile puppet (probably even now meandering aimlessly around the White House, mumbling to himself and ending up lost in some top secret broom closet), and it seems as if we and our entire country have been swept up in a whirlwind of escalating insanity. Every day goes from bad to worse and that’s even after you reach a point when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

We have no legitimate leadership to look to as our intelligence is assaulted daily with our being demanded to believe in and live this obscene lie! And not to sound cynical, but I’m fed up with these Republicans who are now conveniently ranting about the need to secure voter integrity for future elections as their own midterm bids for reelection fast approach, somehow completely overlooking the fact that if the bogus results of the 2020 election are allowed to stand, then any election integrity for future elections is meaningless. I’m getting tired too of other conservative talking heads who always seem to have some book to plug either they or some guest they’re hosting wrote. Providing us with a re-codified regurgitation of all the crap we’ve been living with for two years running as if we really needed any reminders and yet, remarkably, our circumstances still go on disintegrating around us just the same. Nothing changes. And lately I’ve found myself wondering more often, how do we as the greatest nation in the history of mankind come back from this?

Injustice has become a way of life for those of us subjected to these coordinated calamities, while those responsible evade any accountability whatsoever for their traitorous actions. That’s to be expected I guess when we seem to have the lunatics running the asylum. Even those few we look to for some measure of hope and inspiration fail to adequately convey the necessity for retribution and the form it must take to decisively end this destructive madness. Out of fear perhaps of their being cancelled, silenced and doxxed by imbeciles who couldn’t find their own ass with both hands. Of being branded as radical extremists by this state run corporate media who run cover for the real radical extremists hellbent on destroying our Republic.

Maybe saying outright those responsible for all these interminable months of senseless deaths, suffering and tragedy needing to just die for what they’ve done to us and our country is radical. That still doesn’t make it any less true. It’s not a question of what I want to see happen tho’ as much as it is these unindicted murderers deserving the fate they’ve earned for themselves given the conscious choices they made which have brought us to this destination.

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