(Natural News) Once again, the info-gatekeepers in the mainstream media – the “fact-checkers” at the Associated PressReuters, etc., – have served their purpose as disinformation outlets for the Deep State regime by lying about another aspect of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter and author who has been following and tracking COVID-19 research and data since the pandemic began, a little-noticed report in the highly respected, peer-reviewed journal Cell reveals that mRNA materials from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines remain in lymph nodes for at least 60 days, while “free-floating spike proteins circulate at high levels in the blood after vaccination.’

That’s not what the info-gatekeepers have been telling us.

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“Vaccinated people infected with variants of Sars-Cov-2 produce antibodies biased toward the original and now extinct variant, rather than the one that has actually infected them,” Berenson noted further on his SubStack account, noting that what he says is not a conspiracy theory.

He added: “Findings from a preprint in Cell, among the world’s leading scientific journals. Almost 50 researchers worldwide collaborated on the work, which Cell released online two weeks ago. The preprint has received little attention, possibly because it discusses the potential implications of its findings only obliquely. In discussing the fact that the mRNA hamper the immune response to new variants, the researchers offer extra doses as a potential solution.”

While the researchers still offer up booster vaccines as a way to “compensate for relatively decreased binding” to new variants (vaccine boosters have proven dangerous and ineffective as well, by the way), Berenson noted that, based on the research, “the preprint’s findings destroy comforting fictions about the mRNA shots, including that the body quickly destroys the genetic material in the jabs, as Reuters and other ‘fact-checkers’ have long insisted.”

Researchers writing in Cell note that the genetic materials actually remain in the body for up to two months – 60 days.

The mRNA vaccines cause the body to manufacture a large amount of spike proteins, and advocates for the vaccines have always argued that the proteins then remain bound to cells where they were made, Berenson noted.

However, according to the researchers, they found that spike protein in the blood following mRNA vaccines were present and as high as those that were naturally produced after having the COVID-19 infection (again, making the vaccines for previously sickened people worthless).

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, discussed the production of harmful amounts of spike proteins caused by the vaccines with top podcaster Joe Rogan last month.

“The gain-of-function research behind the development of the bioweapon spike protein ultimately paved the way for the development of a similar, but different spike protein which is currently being used as mRNA instructions in the covid vaccine. The drug companies have an ethical obligation to prove that the spike protein in their vaccine is not toxic,” said Malone as reported by Natural News.

When he was asked about the decreasing efficacy of vaccines and boosters, Malone said he agreed that the jabs are actually leading to negative efficacy, as demonstrated in studies done by Danish researchers. As doses increase, individuals are becoming more prone to being infected by the virus.

In Israel, where citizens are being pressured into getting a fourth vaccine dose, their B and T memory cells “are being trained to attack a spike protein that has long since mutated, setting the vaccinated up for antibody-dependent enhancement, autoimmune issues and cancer,” Natural News reported.

Malone also warned that spike protein had a propensity to cause blood clotting, which has likely led to increases in strokes, heart attacks and other maladies related to the phenomenon.

This is why this vaccine should not be mandatory – at all.

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