In the wake of Durham’s Special Counsel investigations latest court filing, Hillary Clinton and individuals involved in her 2016 presidential campaign were formally implicated in the illegal internet surveillance of then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and later president Trump’s executive internet traffic in their lawless efforts to frame Trump as a Russian agent provocateur who colluded with Russian officials to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Before the dust had even settled from this bombastic divulgement, Satan’s gran’ma emerged from her damp, moldy crypt in an undisclosed location to take to Twitter to emphatically declare the contents of Durham’s indictment a (yeah, you guessed it) “fake scandal“. Just one more fake scandal to join the ranks of Hillary’s infamous fake scandals hall of fame. From Whitewater to Benghazi. From her hubby Bill’s sexual debauchery against women to a veritable directory of past associates inexplicable suicides. I mean what are the odds of this wilted prunes having been embroiled in so many scandals during all these years of riding Bill’s coattails and every one of them being fake? It strains credulity I tell ya.

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But despite all of that math simply not adding up, there’s now a collective anticipation hanging in the air of what else is still to come in this protracted political-drama. That and what form will the consequences eventually take once Durham’s Special Counsel investigation is complete and the juristic rubber hits the road. Will this corrupt, gnarly Arkansas gargoyle and her entourage of corrupt, parasitical acolytes be dragged screaming out of the shadows and into the light to at long last face justice? Will Obama be caught by the event horizon and get sucked into this clandestine blackhole of subterfuge, skullduggery and criminal malfeasance? Speaking for myself, I have no doubt he was up to his neck in this shit pit since its inception. How could he not be given the extensive involvement of so many throughout his administration who perpetuated this whole Trump/Russia collusion lie for so many years? All done with the duplicitous and blatantly partisan aid and support of this toxic virus we otherwise refer to as the mainstream media.

What millions of stable, reasonable and informed Americans demand is nothing less than to simply see long denied justice finally served. Is Durham the Van Helsing to this malignant succubus that is Hillary Clinton and be the one to drive a stake through this bitch’s black heart? Given the nature and extent of what these scum purposely did to so many innocent people and the hell not only those people but our country as a whole were put through for a lie, I’d say nothing short of reinstating the gallows and hanging these maniacal traitors responsible would suffice for the American people to feel that justice was truly satisfied.