(Natural News) It used to be that the late night comedy talk shows and “Saturday Night Live” were actually funny and made fun of any politicians, especially the ones in the White House, but not anymore.

All of these so-called comedy shows are 100 percent politically angled to feed the far-Left-extremist-base of America and sadly try to “debunk” the truth about their own “bunk” and conspiracies. Take for example Jimmy “not-so-funny” Kimmel.

From his latest scripted gig, he said: “Trumps kids are making the rounds, desperately trying to protect the golden goose,” as the fake guests giggle along with a laugh track.

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JK (short for “joke killer” Jimmy Kimmel) continued: “Eric took time out of his busy schedule to promote this made-up Hillary Clinton spying case they’re now pumping into the Fox News viewer’s soft, oatmeal-like brains.”

So now anyone who actually believes that Sleepy Joe got 81 million votes is also supposed to believe that anyone who did not vote for him has brain damage. “Oatmeal-like brains?”

That’s the best punch line Kimmel could deliver all night, struggling to do anything that was even close to what this country used to know as comedy, especially political comedy. So much for those Johnny Carson days. Now it’s just bash Trump and America and run the laugh track hoping all the television bots side along.

FOUR years of proven LIES about Trump-Russia collusion and the fake Ukraine scandal but no chance Clinton’s camp would ever spy, lie, cheat or steal, right?

America came apart at the seams in the last POTUS election, with more fraud and corruption at the polls than any person could have ever fathomed, besides those who planned it and carried it all out. From fake mail-in ballots to voting machines that switch 7,000 votes at a time to the “other guy,” the Democrats dug in deep, way past some dead voters and people crossing state lines to vote twice. This was a total eclipse of all things legal in the biggest election this country has ever seen.

Yet, before that happened, Trump and his camp was blamed for cheating using Russian bots provided by Putin – with ZERO proof ever coming out. Now, the Left is still denying all guilt, while being investigated thoroughly as more and more proof comes out, as if there’s any more proof needed.

Last ditch efforts to provide cover are coming from comedians and crackpots on television, who supposedly represent a popular viewpoint that vaccines for COVID are “safe and effective” and that Trump is a communist sympathizer, when the Chinese Communist Party is literally running Washington DC right now for the Democrats (now you can cue the laugh track). There’s a new kind of fascism ruining America, and it’s not the story the comedic Left is telling.

Kimmel sinks as low as any comedian ever as he belittles vaccine-injured children and targets Trump’s children regularly

You might not believe it unless you caught the episode where Kimmel and some pharma-shilling “doctors” came on and bashed anyone who doesn’t get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines as being stupid, including all children who have suffered lifelong horrific injuries from toxic jabs or parents who have lost their child due to deadly injections.

It’s a two-fold act as Kimmel and his show spread vaccine propaganda for money and keep their vaxxed-sheeple audience on the couch eating their canola chips and buying into the allopathic lifestyle nightmare of sick care for life.

If you still have a television, hopefully it’s not for watching late night Leftist rags that only promote the communist-propaganda-arm of the CCP/Democrat Regime. Kimmel making fun of vaccine-injured children is NOT funny at all. Let’s remember what this pharma troll represents, and it’s surely not entertainment.

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