(Natural News) Dr. Scott Atlas, former medical advisor to the Trump administration, lamented the damage caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. He also denounced the globalist-backed medical tyrants responsible for these draconian measures.

Atlas gave a presentation about the disastrous effects of COVID-19 policies on March 23 to students of Michigan State University.

He referenced several studies that revealed the full extent of the damage caused by lockdowns. These include excess deaths, severe mental health issues and lasting economic damage to the lower echelons of society. Atlas also pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic drew a clear line among those brainwashed and those that remain able to think independently and rationally.

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According to the former White House Coronavirus Task Force adviser, the pandemic opened people’s eyes to totalitarian government – and how many will submit to any command no matter how ridiculous they may be. “This kind of stuff is shocking. There is going to be another pandemic. We always have another crisis on the horizon. People want to bring back lockdowns for global warming, for instance,” said Atlas.

He also lamented the “loss of humanity” and “loss of common decency” in the U.S. and called for the need “to get past the behavior that we have now normalized.”

“First of all, there is no quick solution. The country is in a bad place. We have a severely damaged younger generation. They’re not just fearful; it’s worse. They’re unhealthy, they have psychiatric and psychological disease. I don’ t know if we have seen the tip of the iceberg on that. It’s very sad.”

Atlas also denounced COVID-19 mask mandates as “a psychological conditioning ritual.” He elaborated: “What they’ve done here is they have turned the public into assuming that everyone else is dangerous to them. You are hurting them by not believing in the mask. The data show that widespread population masking does not work; the masks are proven to not work, including specifically in schools. It is absurd.”

Despite the negative outlook, Atlas pointed to a sliver of hope, saying: “We have to change the mentality of people to where they have a healthy skepticism of everything, which I finally see developing now.” (Related: The unscientific attack on the science of Dr. Scott Atlas.)

Atlas has strong words for the medical tyrants

“When they make freedom and individual liberty dirty, they are hurting lower-income people [and] poor people more than anyone else. Realize this: The people in charge are an elitist group [and the] lockdowns are a luxury of the rich,” Atlas said.

A radiologist by training, Atlas became an adviser to former President Donald Trump in August 2020. However, former Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner warned Atlas that globalist-backed forces would “destroy” him if he went on board as an adviser. The expert remained unfazed despite the risks.

“There’s no one that has been more livid than I have, with what I saw in the White House. The gross incompetence, the politicization of everything, these folks on the White House COVID-19 Task Force – the medical people, at least – were grossly incompetent,” revealed Atlas.

He explained that entrenched public health bureaucrats in Washington, including White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, have held their jobs for decades because of their sycophancy toward the current administration rather than scientific expertise. Atlas also denounced the federal scientific cartel that has a tight grip on research.

“The underlying problem here is the National Institutes of Health (NIH). One group of people controls science because [it] controls the funding of science. [The NIH] controls the promotion of science because everyone is reliant on [its] grant money. [It] controls all the publications.”

Atlas ultimately called for the federal bureaucracy to be defanged, saying: “I was never for term limits, but I’m for term limits for people who have these appointed positions.”

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Watch Dr. Scott Atlas denouncing COVID-19 mask mandates below.

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