(Natural News) Prof. Francis Boyle is once again speaking out about the atrocities that are taking place in Ukraine under the guise of biological weapons “research.”

According to Boyle, America’s $100 billion biological weapons program is a “criminal enterprise” that employs tens of thousands of “death scientists” in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Boyle, by the way, is the lawyer who drafted the 1989 U.S. Biowarfare Act, which was supposed to stop the type bioweapons research that is currently taking place in Ukraine and other Pentagon-infiltrated countries.

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In order to bring the United States into compliance with the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, Boyle drafted the 1989 law and saw it pass both houses of Congress unanimously, as well as get signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

Despite this, the U.S. deep state has continued to run covert biological weapons programs in violation of that Convention.

“Since Sept. 11, 2001, we have spent somewhere in the area of $100 billion” on offensive biological weapons programs, Boyle says.

Boyle estimates that somewhere in the vicinity of 13,000 “death scientists” are currently employed in some 400 laboratories both in the U.S. and abroad – including in Ukraine, which sits at the doorstep of Russia.

The goal of these bioweapons programs is to develop new strains of offensive killer germs that are resistant to treatment. In other words, they are weapons of war (Related: Check out this article about how the U.S. has become the world headquarters for a “Nazi death cult” of bioweapons war criminals).

Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka found a way to increase flu toxicity by 200 times

One example of this is a research group at the University of Wisconsin that reportedly found a way to make influenza 200 times more toxic than normal.

Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka and his research team accomplished this at the behest of U.S. deep state interests, Boyle says, calling Kawaoka “the same death scientist who resurrected the genocidal Spanish Flu virus for the Pentagon for offensive biowarfare purposes.”

In an average year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) receives about $120 million from Congress to “fight flu,” which kills an estimated 36,000 Americans every single year. Compare that to the $1.76 billion Congress gave the NIH for “biodefense,” even though the 2001 anthrax “outbreak” only killed five people.

“These distorted budgetary allocations demonstrate that the priority here is not the promotion of public health of American citizens, but rather to further develop the U.S. offensive biowarfare industry that will someday ‘blowback’ upon the American people with a catastrophic pandemic,” Boyle says.

In addition to spending 15 times more for germ warfare than for fighting flu, the U.S. government, aka the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), are “ready, willing, and able to launch biowarfare when it suits their interests,” Boyle maintains.

“They have a super-weapons-grade anthrax that they already used against us in October 2001.”

In response to written questions he received from Miami-based columnist Sherwood Ross about whether the recent outbreaks of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia could have also come from U.S. government-backed facilities, Boyle had this to say:

“These Ebola vaccines were experimental U.S. biowarfare vaccines that were being tested out in West Africa. It was a result of testing out of the U.S. biowarfare vaccines at our lab in Kenema, Sierra Leone, that created the West African Ebola pandemic in the first place.”

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The Galveston National Laboratory in Texas, Boyle further warns, is another “ongoing criminal enterprise along the lines of the S.S. and the Gestapo – except that Galveston is far more dangerous to humanity than Hitler’s death squads ever were.”

The latest news about U.S. involvement in Ukrainian biolabs can be found at Treason.news.

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