(Natural News) A noted Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) analyst has posted an “open letter” on her Substack site imploring California’s Democratic legislative super-majority to reject a series of “COVID tyranny” bills that will impose needless mandates and punish healthcare providers for providing honest information about the virus that does not align with the Left’s nonsensical narratives.

In her letter, Mary Anna Alice urged state lawmakers to vote against AB2098, SB1390, AB1797, SB1464, SB871, SB866 and SB1479, as well as “a decalogue of medical tyranny bills (down to seven now that SB1184 passed on April 5 while AB 1993 and the HIPAA-violating SB 920 were pulled).”

In a critique of the bills, she noted that AB2098 would strip physicians and surgeons of their state licenses for so-called “unprofessional conduct,” which the bill describes as “disseminating or promoting misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.”

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She went on to say that SB1390 “similarly” criminalizes what the bill describes as the “amplification of harmful content” on social media, adding: “Who is to decide what is ‘misinformation,’ ‘disinformation,’ ‘false,’ ‘misleading’ or ‘harmful’? To claim the State has the right to override medically trained physicians is to subject medical science to political science, consequently putting not only individual patients but all of humanity at grave risk. You would be fulfilling Carl Sagan’s darkest fears, which have already become manifest over the past two years of politically-formulated COVID absolutism.”

“We’ve arranged the society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is gonna blow up in our faces,” Sagan, an astronomer and scientist, said more than two decades ago.

“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions to interrogate those who tell us that something is true, to be skeptical of those in authority, then we’re up for grabs for the next charlatan – political or religious – who comes ambling along,” he accurately predicted, as evidenced by the libtard clowns who are trying to convince us that there are more than two human genders and that people can essentially also “decide” not to have a gender at all.

Alice argued that the bills will essentially establish a state saMinistry of Truth – a reference to visionary British author George Orwell’s book “1984”, which was published in 1949 – “and none but the bravest would dare speak against the authoritarian edicts of political forces” who are “lavishly funded by corporations whose bottom line takes precedent over human rights and patients’ health,” she noted.

In his book, Orwell described that scenario this way: “At all times the Party is in possession of absolute truth, and clearly the absolute can never have been different from what it is now.”

Alice went on to note that the physicians and scientists who challenged governmental orthodoxy on COVID – mask mandates, lockdowns, business closures, vaccine requirements – were the ones who were correct all along:

  1. Masks: FAIL
  2. Lockdowns: FAIL
  3. Experimental injectable products (“vaccines”): FAIL
  4. Anti–early treatment protocols: FAIL
  5. Anti–natural immunity: FAIL
  6. Discrimination against the unvaccinated: FAIL
  7. Censoring information that contradicts the narrative: FAIL
  8. Abrogating human rights in the name of the public good: FAIL
  9. Incentivizing lethal CDC hospitalization protocols: FAIL
  10. Turning the world into an open-air prison: FAIL

“If you are one of the rare uncorrupted politicians in possession of moral character, independent thought, compassion, wisdom, sanity, reason, respect for science, and a backbone, you will vote No on each of these venal, tyrannical bills,” Alice concluded in her letter.

“Otherwise, be prepared to say goodbye to the few remaining Californians – including your most skilled, knowledgeable, and ethical physicians and surgeons—as they hightail it to a free state that respects their rights and protects their health like Florida.”

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