The political climate is taking a turn I don’t necessarily like. I don’t really like the involvement in Ukraine and don’t trust President Biden as commander in chief. But today I want to send out a message to those who fight for our freedom.

My Father went to prison for refusing to fight in World War II but… He also taught me a valuable lesson. My Father would shake hands with any military member he ever came across and thank them for their service. I’m not sure if my Dad regretted his decision not to fight, because honestly he never told me about that or his time in prison. I learned it from my Aunt after my Dad had passed.

But I do know this… Dad appreciated each and every one of you and I do too. I chose not to fight either. I think I can be of more service doing what I’m doing. Someone has to live to tell about it. LOL I don’t have the strength that these men and women do and to this day, like my Dad taught me, I still shake the hand of any American serviceman or woman I can and tell them… THANK YOU!!!

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It’s from the heart when I tell you that because you had the courage to do what I would not do. You put your lives on the line every single day so that guys like me can be allowed to chase our dreams freely.

I don’t like the situation with Russia and Ukraine and I’m afraid where it might be leading. But the American soldier marches on despite fear because it is what they do.

Here you go guys and gals. Here is my 13 video tribute to you. God Bless You and keep you safe and THANK YOU  for putting your butts on the line every day for me and all Americans. You do not have the luxury of questioning politics, you just do your job. That is strength of character that I may never understand fully.

Here is my 13 video tribute to you, our very best…

Breaking Benjamin is one of my all time favorite bands and The Patriot is one of my all time favorite movies, so let’s go back to look at how America was founded. Enjoy.

As you will quickly notice, I am a fan of louder music but my Mom and Dad were country music fans so I appreciate all kinds of music.

That is one of the greatest tributes ever written for our military. Thank You Toby Keith.

Maybe the greatest tribute ever written, however, was by Lee Greenwood. I’m sure most of you swell up with pride any time you hear this play. It’s for you, courtesy of Lee Greenwood.

This is a new song I discovered just today. Oh yeah, it’s not really new. The video is from 2015. That shows you how much attention I pay to pop culture.

Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors and Breaking Benjamin is one of my all time favorite bands. You will see evidence of that if you watch all of these videos.

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Here’s more evidence that I’m oblivious to most new music, but another one I like… Heroes, Eye of the Storm… from 2016 but new to me.

Chris Kyle was one of my heroes. Only those who were there really know what happened but in my mind he was an American hero that was silenced in death by his own government. Just my opinion. This is probably my favorite YouTube video of all time. It has 3.2 million views but probably 100 of those were by me. Again, he’s one of my heroes. I had a signed copy of American Sniper but I’m going through a divorce and who knows if I’ll ever see it again. Rest in peace Chris.

I’m going to step out for a cigarette. Horrible habit I know but if I’m going to light up then you should light ’em up too.

Are Simon and Garfunkel still alive? If so they might be turning over in their graves as I play this for you. But I really like an old band called Disturbed that brought new life to the classic song “The Sound of Silence”…

Our warriors live every day wondering if it’s their last. All of us should be more grateful for another day and another chance to do good for others. These men and women do that for us EVERY DAY.

Oh no, more evidence that I’m a Chris Kyle fan. Here’s Five Finger Death Punch from American Sniper. “Far From Home” is an appropriate song for those overseas NOW fighting for ME. Is DC Clothesline blocked over there? Probably so. LOL

With Memorial Day approaching I think it’s important to remember why we celebrate that day and who we are celebrating on that day. It’s not really Uncle Larry who ate himself to death. Memorial Day is primarily a celebration of those that gave all. I also love bagpipes.

Being the obnoxious loudmouth that I am, I tend to go against tradition at times. I have to end this piece with the Star Spangled Banner. It’s our national anthem. But a band called Madison Rising did it best in my opinion. I wonder why?

Madison Rising was the creation of New York City entrepreneur Richard Mgrdechian, who chose the members of the band by placing ads on Craigslist and YouTube, and then holding “endless” auditions in 2011.[1] Dave Bray, the original lead singer for the band, enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 18. Before being shipped off, Dave found an interest in music, and formed a band in his garage his senior year of high school. According to Bray, “It was my last-ditch effort at rebellion before signing my life away.”[2] The band was first named after Madison Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, where their studio, Water Music Recorders, was located.[3] Later on, the band also acknowledged its name as being in honor of U.S. Founding Father James Madison, because they wanted to “bring back patriotism and the belief system from a time when the Constitution was being written”.[4] While other names such as “Authors of Liberty” and “Soldiers for Freedom” were considered, Madison Rising felt the most “rock and roll” of them all, evoking imagery of him “rising from the grave”.[5][6](SOURCE)

So some rock stars defended their country. Why wouldn’t this version be my favorite version of all time? You can see the passion on the lead singer’s face and you can feel his love of country.

To those of you men and women who fight and die for us, we appreciate you and always will, no matter if we agree with the President or the suspicious cause you are fighting for or not.

I’m not half the man you are and to prove it I might just reprint this on Memorial Day because I’m lazy. LOL I love you all…

You follow orders without fail.

We support you without fail.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. It takes guts to print the truth, but if you’d like to reprint this you have my permission, in full or in part. Please just link back to one of our websites. The truth must come out, before it’s too late.

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