(Natural News) An evolutionary biologist who recognizes that postmodern gender ideology is “perpetuating harmful pseudoscience regarding the nature of biological sex” has been banned from PayPal and Etsy, both of which apparently support the transgender mutilation and destruction of children.

Dr. Colin Wright tweeted that PayPal reviewed his account and “decided to permanently limit” it, preventing him from receiving both one-time and recurring donations from his supporters.

“When I asked why, they said I needed an attorney to submit a subpoena to find out,” he added.

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PayPal claimed there was “a change” in Wright’s “business model,” or that his “business model was considered risky.” The company then used this as an excuse to shutter Wright’s account permanently. (Related: PayPal has been seizing accounts from people and groups promoting independent thought.)

At the end of May, Wright provided an expert declaration for the Women’s Liberation Front, which is reportedly working to protect single-sex prisons from being invaded by the opposite sex pretending to be a different gender.

“The only factual, objective meaning of the words ‘woman’ and ‘man’ are as references to adult human females, and adult human males, respectively,” Wright wrote in the declaration.

“From an objective standpoint, a person’s subjective feelings do not define or change their sex, which is factually and statically either male or female, determined before birth, and defined by objective reproductive anatomy.”

Such statements clearly offended the leadership at both PayPal and Etsy, the latter of which similarly decided – this occurred at the exact same time as the PayPal ban, it is important to note – that Wright’s account needed to be “permanently closed” following a “comprehensive review.”

In a tweet, Wright showed images and descriptions of every single thing he has ever sold on Etsy, including various mugs, t-shirts and other gear. One of them was a shirt read “Thought Criminal” on the front, while a mug bore the words “Reality’s Last Stand” along with the symbols for male and female.

Wright also sold an item containing a cartoon description of America’s changing political landscape, which was shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter.

“I just received an email from @Etsy informing me that my account has been PERMANENTLY closed without warning after a ‘comprehensive review’ for ‘glorifying hatred or violence towards protected groups,’” Wright announced about his Etsy ban.

“This is totally outrageous. My products do nothing of the sort.”

Wright will now have to find new platforms for both his finances and his merchandising endeavors online, as many others like him are also having to do after facing similar discrimination and persecution at the hands of Big Tech tyrants.

“This entire Gender Identity movement is totally whack,” wrote someone at Reclaim the Net about all this madness.

“Humans can never change sex and no individual women’s personal medical challenges or baby girls and boys born with DSDs will ever change that fact. Adults need to grow up and stop leaning on kids to validate their mental illnesses. Parents should also pull their kids out of school and start homeschooling – for real.”

Another wrote that in the United Kingdom, a census was recently conducted that allowed respondents to indicate other genders besides male and female. He said he is looking forward to seeing what the percentage is of Brits who identify as something other than their natural biology.

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“Wright’s deposition goes against the U.K. legal stuff which allows males to identify as not men,” this person explained.

More of the latest news about Big Tech’s tyranny against free thinkers can be found at Fascism.news.

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