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I am having one of those days that we political writers often have. I don’t feel like writing but I have to because of my commitment to the truth. For those who don’t know, I am pretty much fully disabled now. I was actually blind for two years and couldn’t even write.

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LOL I just walked a few blocks to the bank and it wore me out. I am also going through a divorce and trying to get my kids here to stay with me. Emotionally I am drained but God needs me to write this. In the old days anything I’d write would be seen by 20,000 people or more but these days I am lucky to be seen by 1000 thanks to media censorship. Still if I can help just a few people, isn’t that worth a couple hours of my time? Yes it is. If you like and agree with what you are about to read, please share it everywhere you can to help get the word out. God Bless You ALL and God Bless America.

Where do I start?

I don’t think I am in the minority as I say that this entire time in history looks very orchestrated. They know that the only news most people get is from government approved/controlled sources like CNN AND Fox. The battle between right and left is largely orchestrated as we saw with many republicans recently voting AGAIN to further erode your gun rights.

If I am not mistaken the number eventually became more than ten.

Who is really protecting you in Washington DC? Almost no one.

So today I want to make some quick remarks and give you four big reasons to relocate, from cities, if at all possible. If you can not, you owe it to those you love to make sure you are armed and as ready as you can be for what may be coming. That is undeniable truth.

Food Prices are Skyrocketing and the Food Supply is Dwindling

If things keep moving as they are moving, which is very likely, you will have to be in an area where you can hunt, fish and grow your own food to keep your family fed. Can you do that in big cities? Not easily. Hard to hunt squirrels downtown folks. You need to, again, have guns and have a place to use them to obtain food. In the cities the criminals will use guns to take what you have so you need guns either way.

Again, in large cities people love the convenience of local supermarkets and the variety of choices. But WHEN, NOT IF, the economy gets bad enough the thieves will be coming for YOUR food folks. Make sure you are armed and ready to protect what you have. Or… just get out of the congestion and move to a smaller community where you can hunt, fish and garden.


It’s not just food that the thieves will be after. As the chaos, which I think is planned, erupts they will want to take everything you have. They may even try to kill you and your whole family to take your home. Remember how bizarre things got in Southeastern States when food stamps were issued late? There was looting. Now that food stamps won’t be buying enough food to support the holders, things will get worse.

Criminal minds will take everything you have because their survival is more important than yours. Again, they won’t stop with food. It sounds a bit conspiratorial but America might soon seem like some of those old episodes of The Walking Dead. There are no rules and the best armed will rule. In cities you will be a sitting duck, inviting violence, if you are doing better than most, and the thieves see that. Think about that. It’s common sense.

Now for the big stuff…

The treat of war on American soil, and the threat of nuclear war has not been as prevalent as it is now with The Biden Administration. How well protected are we?

What if Nuclear War happens?

It’s hard for any of us to fathom the threat of nuclear warheads hitting AMERICAN soil but it is definitely looking like a possibility now. These times are seeming a lot like the 80s are replaying. But Reagan is NOT in office now. Do you really trust Joe Biden to stand up against these threats?

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Politicians make threats often but sometimes they actually follow through with them. The town I live in is less than 150 people and about two hours from Kansas City. If Russia or China launches a nuclear war are they more likely to wipe out my small town or strike at Kansas City and wipe this town out as collateral damage? Do you really think city dwellings are safe right now? I don’t.

Kansas City may not be the best example because the nukes would have to get past our defenses to make it that far inland. If you live in a coastal city it is definitely time to think about getting out of town. If you can not do that please prepare as much as you can. Visit some prepper sites to get their expertise please. I am not a prepping expert but here is a video that might start your research.

No Nuke are Good Nukes but what about a Traditional Invasion?

China and Russia seem to be chomping at the bit to invade our land of natural resources. Can they? A largely questionable quote once surfaced that ‘you can not invade America because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass’ (loose translation of obscure quote from many years ago). It has never, to my knowledge, been verified where that quote came from or if it was even spoken. But if it actually happens do you think they will be parachuting over Kansas or landing near the borders?

If it ever happens will they be looking to conquer major cities or setting their sites on small towns? You know the answer to that. If they invade they won’t be as worried about 150 rednecks in the middle of nowhere as they will about conquering major centers of commerce and culture… meaning big cities. They will later take the natural resources from the outlying areas, such as this, but they can not do that without controlling the majority of the population first. If you live in a large coastal city, get out or buy more guns.

Better yet, get out AND buy more guns.

These are the days where “conspiracy theorists” like Dean Garrison look like the only sane people on the planet.

That alone should scare us all.

God Bless You All.

Pray for America.

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