No way in hell I’m quitting. So let me end the suspense right now. LOL It is time to grow folks. So let’s take care of that right now. Follow me on GAB and Truth Social. Both links will open in a new tab/window so you don’t have to lose this article/letter/whatever it is.

See the cool eye patch in my photo? It’s gone folks. My eyes are back. In fact my left eye is 20/15? I don’t remember the number but it is BETTER than normal. Two successful surgeries restored my eyesight. I still have a blind spot on my right peripheral but it is something I will learn to live with.

So yesterday I got approved for disability, after about a year of waiting, and it takes a ton of pressure off. But my reward for going “disabled” is also a big problem with this country today. I’ll get paid around $50,000 a year for myself and my kids. I’m including stuff like medical insurance, food stamps, etc. in that number. My actual monthly check will be $1701. But do you know how many people work full-time for less than that? A bunch.

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Sad but true folks. We see it more in this part of the country where expenses are less and people do get to keep more of their money. Can you imagine trying to support a disabled Dad and 4 small kids for $1700 a month where you live? You can’t do it most places. I was talking to a friend earlier and tried to explain that $50,000 here is like $150,000 in most areas of the country. A lot of people don’t realize that.

Anyway, you won’t get rid of me folks. Those of you who have followed me for years may understand something about me. I’m a bit of a “conspiracy theorist.” LOL Guilty. So yes I wonder if they approved my disability to try to shut me up. I’m serious. I’ve seen people that were way more “disabled” than I am get approved. That does not mean I am not disabled. I can’t stand in one place for very long, have very poor balance now, can’t look up without falling on my arse, etc.

But I am more dangerous disabled than most people are fully abled. That might be part of why I got it. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks so. Who knows? But I can’t shut up now.

My commitment is simple: God, Family, Country… (in that order)

God never appeared to me and said “Dean be a political writer” but…

I learned at a young age that the country was turning away from God and made a commitment to Him to help as much as I could. I can’t walk away from that folks, especially since He found a way for me to be so blessed in 2022. I can again do what I have always felt called to do and get back into the fight. Understand? I can’t simply take the money and let myself feel disabled. I have to honor my commitments. I am blessed and I know it. I also feel a responsibility to help spread God’s love in my own dysfunctional way. 😉

As for family… Do you really think my kids learn anything about responsibility by growing up with a disabled father who acts disabled? I don’t. And furthermore, with the state of the current economy, the disability I get will be peanuts soon.

As for country… You folks are also my family and you need me. You may not want to claim crazy Uncle Dean, but I claim you. LOL If we let off the gas then evil will take control of what was born as a God Loving and God Fearing country. Massive changes need to happen for us all to get back on the right path.

I’m not going to write a lot today because this is just personal news and not as big as most stories that effect us all.

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not going anywhere. I will be fighting for America until the Lord takes me and I don’t foresee that happening soon.

Why? Only the good die young and I’m not that good. If I was I’d bury myself in the Bible and I can’t. It’s not me. I have too much vengeance in my heart and…

Biden and the left (including half the “Republicans”) I’M COMING FOR YOU!!!

Folks please follow me on GAB and Truth Social. I’m just starting on each site and need a network. Psst… Facebook and Twitter suspended me again. LOL

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