For those of you who don’t know my story I was blind for two years, got my eyes back after two successful surgeries, and am now back on the war path. I will not be easily stopped folks. The truth must come out. I am just like all of my conservative friends. I want to do as much as I can to take this country back. A lot of people say that but I am one of those that is itching to prove it.

After returning, I was able to get back on Twitter and Facebook. But both have already suspended me once in about a month. I am still currently suspended from Facebook in fact. I need you to understand something folks. Facebook actually helped me rise to semi-stardom. LOL There were days, in the distant past, where I would get 40,000 readers a day just from Facebook. So it’s hard to totally walk away but I am shadow banned on both networks, even when I am not suspended. Facebook actually ripped down my DC Clothesline page which had about 120,000 followers at one point. My how things change.

There are many social networks that are a good solution to both Facebook and Twitter censorship but let me tell you about the best I have found… GAB!

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It reminds me of the old days on Facebook honestly. I have 900 followers and am getting more action than I did with 5000 followers/friends on Facebook, recently. And I’ve amassed those 900 friends/followers in 2 weeks. I will not be limited to 5000 friends like I am on Facebook. I can have as many followers as I want, but to my understanding I can only follow somewhere around 10,000 others.

If you want to join GAB or follow me on GAB, this link will open in a new window: GAB

We all have different needs and expectations from our chosen social networks, but… Let me just say this. I am getting 1500-2000 notifications every day with just 900 followers. Furthermore my posts are not getting censored, like on Facebook and Twitter, they are getting passed around and seen by many. As a political writer that is my goal.

One of the biggest reasons I like GAB is because I can grow my friend base very fast. Only 900 followers you say? Yes but try making 900 friends on Facebook in two weeks. And furthermore, even if you can do that, how many of them will actually see your political posts?

For those who prefer Twitter to Facebook. Trump’s Truth Social is a definite improvement on Twitter. You have more characters to post, so you don’t have to whittle down your thoughts and since Trump is behind it, I trust it. I’m getting more activity with 45 followers on Truth Social than I was getting on Twitter with 11,200 followers. LOL If you want to follow me on Truth Social click here. (Again opens in new tab/window)

Twitter was never my thing folks, so depending on what you like in a social network, Truth Social may be a better fit for you than GAB. But I vastly prefer GAB and let me tell you why it’s my #1 social network pick for conservatives after just two weeks of participation.

How do you grow followers and friends fast?

A lot of people simply follow back everyone who follows them on GAB. With higher limits that is not a problem. Little guys get heard and followed on GAB.

But there is one big reason I love GAB and that is that it reminds me of the old Facebook before the censorship started. Remember when Facebook had huge conservative groups where we could meet and discuss and share? Those days are long gone on Facebook folks. Most have either disappeared or are censoring content so Facebook doesn’t shut them down. Upon my return, I was getting censored by Facebook and conservative group moderators too. LOL

So again, this is why I like GAB. Post your message in groups where your message can potentially be seen by millions AND pick up friends/followers as a result. This is exactly how I got my posts seen by tens of thousands every day and how I went to 5000 friends quickly on Facebook (before the censorship started).

Below is a list of GAB Groups that I belong to and their current membership:

As in the old days of Facebook, not all groups are created equal. Just because a group is larger it does not mean you will get more activity from that group. For instance Wyatt Gang pulls in more activity than almost all of the larger groups. They actually require members to share a few fellow member’s posts each day.

But for now the groups above allow me to put my messages in front of 1.3 million people daily and some of them reply, some repost and some become friends. This network is like turning the clock back ten years on Facebook. GAB is certainly worth joining and checking out. Avoid the censorship you get on Facebook regularly. JOIN GAB NOW.

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And though I was never as much of a Twitter lover, I am starting to get some followers on Truth Social as well. Join Truth Social NOW.

Both links take you to my profile so you can follow me if you are already a member or join if you are not. We have to adapt if we are to keep getting the conservative message out.

Yes, I hate change too but we have no choice. We either adapt or our message dies folks.

God Bless You ALL. Never give up and we will win together.

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