(Natural News) It’s becoming clearer by the month that the Canadian people have moved so far to the left that they no longer prefer to live in a democracy but rather love it when their leaders act in tyrannical ways.

That would explain why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains above 40 percent despite the fact that he continues to implement tyrannical policies that suppress, rather than protect, his citizens.

After he implemented draconian measures earlier this year to suppress a popular trucker revolt against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, he is now putting in place the same policy that led Dutch farmers to rebel against their own government in recent months.

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“Over the past few weeks, farmers across the Netherlands have vehemently turned up in droves to protest the government’s plan to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, arguing it would have disastrous consequences for their business, and eventually, consumers,” The Post Millennial reported over the weekend.

“The source of their anger is a policy that is not unlike one which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeking to implement in Canada,” the report added.

In 2020, Trudeau’s Liberal Party announced an objective to reduce emissions from the use of fertilizer, which is a major producer of nitrous oxide, by as much as 50 percent over the next eight years. At the time, the group Fertilizer Canada blasted the “short-sighted approach” and argued that by reducing nitrogen fertilizer use, it “will have considerable impact on Canadian farmers’ incomes and reduce overall Canadian exports and GDP.”

“Agriculture is the cornerstone of Canada’s food and nutrition security. Reductions in emissions cannot come at the cost of reduced output of food,” the group said in a policy document. “Reconciling the dual objectives of increased food production and reduced emissions requires increasing the efficiency of agricultural practices so farmers can get more out of all the inputs and resources they use – thereby minimizing greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing soil carbon sequestration potential of agriculture soils.”

“Total Emission Reduction puts a cap on the total emissions allowable from fertilizer at 30% below 2020 levels. As the yield of Canadian crops is directly linked to proper fertilizer application this creates a ceiling on Canadian agricultural productivity well below 2020 levels,” the document continued.

“Policies that discourage fertilizer use can actually increase GHG emissions. A reduction in grain production in Canada through less fertilizer use, would not only have a significant negative impact on soil organic carbon, but would lead to carbon leakage to other jurisdictions,” the group warned.

A report by Meyers Norris Penny (MNP) suggests that regulated fertilizer reduction could cost Canadian farmers $48 billion by 2030 and reduce crop sizes. By this time, “yield gaps for three major crops are estimated at 23.6 bushels per acre per year for canola, 67.9 bushels per acre per year for corn, and 36.1 bushels per acre per year for spring wheat,” the report noted. Meanwhile, as the Toronto Sun reported, fertilizer is usually the most expensive cost for farmers; as such, they tend to only use just as much as they need and no more. But under the Trudeau Liberals’ plan, farmers will be forced to use much more costly “green” fertilizer, which of course leads to higher prices for consumers but also could lead to the planting of fewer acres and thus threaten the country’s food supply as well as the food security of other nations that depend on Canadian agricultural exports.

“The revolt exhibited by Dutch farmers serves as a warning sign to those across the pond in Canada for what might come if Trudeau gets his way,” The Post Millennial reported. “Farmers have attempted to get their message across by shutting down major city centers, as well as airports and product distribution centers across the country.”

The report went on to note that in mostly peaceful Netherlands, police there have fired shots in the direction of farmers and their tractors as they moved towards them.

The world is spiraling out of control and far-left Marxist leaders are the cause of it.Sources include:ThePostMillennial.comTorontoSun.com