(Natural News) One of the first known cases of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” adverse effects being passed down from mother to baby has come to light, demonstrating the dangers of the shots for women who are or who later decide to get pregnant while being “fully vaccinated.”

Little Zack Reilly is now missing an arm, reports indicate, after it had to be amputated almost immediately after his birth when it was discovered that the child had developed blood clots in both his now-removed left arm as well as his brain.

The child was reportedly delivered in an emergency caesarean at 37 weeks on July 11, 2021. He had a “bruised and blistered” left arm, we are told, and the limb was removed after an MRI scan showed that he had suffered a stroke while still inside his mother’s womb.

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That stroke destroyed the child’s arm and brain, though he was initially said to be adapting “brilliantly,” according to media reports. His parents, one of whom is a Royal Navy assistant careers advisor and the other a telecoms engineer, say he enjoyed his first family barbecue, which made them proud – but the fun did not last.

“For the first few weeks of Zack’s life, it felt like one thing after another was going wrong,” said the boy’s mother. “It was just heartbreaking.”

In addition to losing and arm and suffering brain damage, little Zack now has seizures and no longer smiles

Libby says her pregnancy was going along smoothly until the final days before he had to be delivered early. She started feeling “these sharp cramps,” she says, “which I thought were contractions.”

“We rang the hospital saying we thought it might be contractions, but they said it didn’t sound like I was ready to come in yet,” she told the media. “Then, the next day they became worse and were so painful I couldn’t feel if he was moving or not, so they said we should come in.”

Zack ended up being born at 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and it was very clear, his mother says, that something was very wrong with his arm.

Hospital officials determined, based on the boy’s black and bruised arm, that he had suffered a blood clot requiring amputation. No apparent mention was made about any potential link between the boy’s disastrous health condition and Fauci Flu shots.

“He was in a lot of pain at first, though, and I had to take myself away at one point, as it was just too upsetting,” Libby said about the removal of her newborn son’s arm.

Then, she found out that Zack had brain damage due to a suspected clot, which could leave him unable to use some muscles. He also might be debilitated once he grows up with no ability to walk or even talk.

“I just felt so upset for him. It’s like we were robbed of everything – normal labor, meeting my child for the first time and then having a healthy, happy family.”

After taking Zack home for the first time, he appeared to be smiling and somewhat happy. That only lasted for a little while, though, as the boy stopped smiling over Christmas and suddenly started having seizures.

We are also told that Zack now has “mild hearing loss,” for which he now has to have hearing aids (Related: You will find more stories about covid jab injuries and deaths at CovidVaccineVictims.com).

“But you can still talk to him and he understands you without them,” Libby claims. “We came home and celebrated, dancing around the kitchen to music together.”

More related news coverage about the damage being caused by Fauci Flu shots can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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