In the hot off the press aftermath of the Democrat FBI gestapos recent raid of president Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida residence at Mar-A-Lago, now we have former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik Tweeting out to tell us the last resort for this criminal uni-party establishments riding themselves of Trump if this current intimidation tactic fails will be assassination. This is the 3rd world gutter we’ve allowed these Orwellian pigs and their feral pack of dogs burning down cities and killing wantonly in our streets to drag us and our country down into. And like the pigs of Orwell’s Animal Farm, the animal ideology of these insurrectionists make it even more blatantly apparent their belief that, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. That couldn’t be made any more obvious than it has with this 2 tiered miscarriage of justice system these traitors have loosed against we the people and their political enemies.

Bernie Kerik: “If FBI Raid Will Not Stop Donald Trump – Their Next Step Will Be Assassination”

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Yes I am furious. And angry too at our own complacency as American spectators while we’ve watched this treachery develop incrementally over years with our eyes wide open. If we were as organized at resistance as we all are (yes, myself included) at bitching on social media, we’d be an unstoppable juggernaut and an unmovable fortification against this flood of Left-Wing madness we’ve become inundated with. And speaking of this uni-party where we have the likes of Liz Cheney imploring Democrats to change their party affiliation to Republican and vote for her in a desperate bid to help her win her upcoming Wyoming Republican primary, where is the RINO led GOP establishment in the midst of this travesty? Where are those worthless cunts?
Why those bastards are all busy colluding with these Nazicrat sonsofbitches in their smoke filled backrooms and chambers on Capitol Hill, plotting and scheming of ways to stop Trump once and for all from making another run for the presidency in 2024 of course.
Trump’s a threat to their rapacious grip on power over us and our country after all and they cannot have that.

That we’ve arrived at this dark destination where the term assassination has now come out of the shadows and into the light of our political discourse, giving emphasis to our legitimate concerns for president Trump’s continued safety and well being, it should be a clear indicator to demonstrate just how much Democrats and their 20th century Nazi tactics have absolutely no place in our 21st century America. They’re little more than a domestic political terrorist organization whose atrocities have been put on display for the entire world to witness.

I think all of you instinctively understand too in your heart of hearts that the only good kind of terrorists are the dead ones.

And with that I’ve said enough.