(Natural News) The establishment’s constant tiptoeing around the fact that monkeypox (aka pridepox) is primarily a homosexual and bisexual male disease is more than likely responsible for it gaining a foothold as a “global emergency” – and possibly soon another plandemic.

Had public health authorities called a spade a spade from the very beginning without fear of offending the so-called gay community, pridepox could have been nipped in the bud – and maybe still can be, though it has now had a much longer time to fester and spread thanks to political correctness.

Back in May, them.us, an LGBT publication run by Conde Nast, ran a piece that went well out of its way to detach pridepox from LGBTs. While admitting that a large faction of those infected are, in fact, gay men, them.us claimed at the time that “there is no correlation between the identity and the illness.”

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“Blaming the gay community or gay behavior is not sound public health,” the article declared, effectively encouraging LGBTs to continue their disease-spreading perversions unabated.

Several months have since passed and the number of pridepox “cases” has increased from 100 at that time to more than 18,000 today. Whether or not the disease is actually a threat is irrelevant because the powers that be have already seized the narrative and are sure to push the world towards another plandemic if they can get away with it.

Political correctness kills

To make matters even worse, remember that in the very beginning of all this, the claim was that monkeypox is spreading through simple skin contact as opposed to sexual contact.

Being in close proximity to one another, such as at an LGBT festival or parade filled with debauchery, is how pridepox spreads, we were told. That alone would have, in a non-clown world, warranted an immediate halt to all LGBT events in the interest of public safety.

Instead, public health officials tried to pretend as though gay men are not the culprits spreading pridepox. And all that pretending is probably why pridepox continues to spread.

“The unwillingness of ‘woke’ media and nervous health authorities to make this link clear is a disgrace,” wrote David Kaufman in an op-ed for the New York Post. “Their political correctness likely helped spread the disease.”

Numerous left-leaning media outlets, including The Independent (UK), Slate, and Scientific American have kept busy publishing articles against the notion that gay men are in any way responsible for pridepox. All of them continue to urge readers not to make that connection so as to avoid creating “stigma.”

Even the United Nations has chimed in with the chorus of denial, blasting the message through its Programme on HIV / AIDS that “some media reporting and commentary was reinforcing homophobic and racist stereotypes” about pridepox.

“Few things are more predictable than progressives blaming racism and homophobia for a public ill, but the monkeypox outbreak takes this to confounding new levels,” Kaufman says.

“Just as with other ‘woke’ obsessions such as gun violence or the transgender debate, the insistence on placing politics above data and science has led to confused messaging – and very few solutions.”

Now that pridepox is supposedly out of control, the same voices that denied its link to the Cult of LGBT are suddenly calling it a “queer” disease. They are also calling the government’s earlier denial of that link a “public health failure.”

“While monkeypox is not usually fatal (it leads to an unsightly rash and fever), it has this much in common with AIDS: political correctness may have hastened its status as a global health emergency,” Kaufman adds.

The latest news about the government’s pridepox narrative can be found at Propaganda.news.

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