(Natural News) Understand this great cosmic truth: The universe operates on an ecosystem of automatic abundance, where mass is abundant (and free), and mass can be converted into energy at nearly zero cost (via hot fusion, cold fusion, LENR, etc.). Automatic abundance is intelligently designed into the very laws of physics.

Energy, in turn, can be used to create fuels and fertilizer, two inputs necessary for affordable food. In addition, the universe provides the sun which brings us heat, energy and photosynthesis, all for free.

When geoengineering isn’t creating artificial droughts, rain falls out of the sky for free, and the rivers, streams and oceans are teeming with life and abundance (except for when we pollute them with pesticides, biosludge and plastics, of course).

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Thanks to these gifts from God, all the resources humanity needs to achieve abundance and end suffering already exist around us and are nearly free for humanity to harness. When these resources are properly harnessed, every human being can be healthy, wealthy, abundant, clothed and nourished. No one needs to suffer from scarcity.

All the scarcity in the world is engineered as a means of control.

Governments produce scarcity by shutting off pipelines, shutting down farming operations, taxing productivity and deliberately causing food shortages and inflation. Money printing steals savings from everyone, creating scarcity of the purchasing value of dollars previously earned.

Overzealous government regulation shuts down farming and food production, leading to artificial scarcity, food price inflation and global famine. NATO’s economic sanctions against Russia, furthermore, have devastated supplies of fertilizer and natural gas for Western Europe, leading to artificial scarcity of energy that will result in freezing buildings, cold water and devastating energy prices this coming winter. (See Scarcity.news for focused news coverage of the scarcity issue.)

Again, all of this was deliberately created by governments and globalists. In a world where energy can be nearly free, they want to make sure energy is insanely expensive. In a world where food can be abundant and clean, they engineer the agricultural industry to make sure food is poisoned with pesticides and glyphosate while still being incredibly expensive to acquire. In a world where nearly everyone can be healthy thanks to nutrition and wild herbs, the powers that be force humans into medication poisoning centers known as “doctors offices” and “hospitals” where they are fanatically poisoned with chemotherapy, antidepressant drugs, statins and vaccines.

In a world where everyone could be well off, governments tax the workers into financial oblivion, terrorizing them with armed tax agents that destroy businesses and families merely to demonstrate their power to destroy.

In a world where rain falls out of the sky for free, US states like Oregon literally criminalize rainwater collection on rural farms, denying the people their God-given right to collect the rain that falls out of the sky for free.

If governments could find a way to tax the sun, they would do that too. You would live in darkness unless you paid the “sun tax.” (Of course, they are taxing carbon now, which means they’re taxing everything made of carbon in one way or another, including all of us.)

Understand that scarcity is not the natural order of things. It is the result of an engineered hellscape put in place by anti-humanists who want to make humanity suffer under their tyranny.

The path to human abundance requires the defeat and dismantling of the globalist “scare-city” architects

As explained in today’s Situation Update podcast, below, the breakthrough for human abundance will require the defeat and dismantling of the “scare-city” architects that are working to exterminate humankind. This means defeating them politically, taking back honest money for the people, dismantling all the institutions of tyranny (the FBI, FDA, EPA, etc.) and declaring freedom from tyranny on a global scale.

Importantly, honest money must be the basis for this system of human freedom, for without honest money, humanity can never be free.

Honest money must be decentralized. No central banks. No fiat currency backed by nothing. Honest money is money backed by gold, silver, oil or other real commodities with intrinsic value, controlled by The People, not governments or central banksters (crooks, fraudsters and cartels).

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Right now, BRICS nations are rolling out their own de-dollarization exchanges at record speed. Russia and India are now settling currencies without using dollars at all, as RT reports, and Russia and China are about to announce the same thing to settle yuan and rubles without using dollars:

“We have implemented the mechanism of mutual settlements in rubles and rupees, and there is no need for our countries to use the dollar in mutual settlements. And today a similar mechanism of mutual settlements in rubles and yuan is being developed by China…” – BRICS International Forum President Purnima Anand

In other words, non-western nations are actually rolling out an economic embargo against western nations by dumping their inflated currencies and conducting global trade without the west. The dollar will, at one point, plunge to near-zero value. The future of money is money backed by precious metals and commodities, and the BRICS nations have the commodities, including energy, while western nations have little more than debt, rigged elections, government tyranny, pharmaceutical cartels and a “service industry” that produces nothing.

The future of the world economy will be led by China, Russia and India, not the USA, UK, Germany, France, etc. It’s now as clear as day:

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