(Natural News) The pandemic has been nicknamed “plandemic” and “scamdemic” for several legitimate reasons. Beyond the obvious coerced vaccination agenda and cheating at the polls with falsified mail-in ballots, small businesses have been bankrupted, the supply chain is falling apart, and inflation is skyrocketing. This is not all happenstance or coincidence. Not at all. Meanwhile, millions of consumers still have yet to become careful with their spending, savings, or even “survival” funds that they have left, if any.

Many people are suffering what they think is “long COVID,” even though it’s really health decimation caused by the clot shots. These folks are fighting depression, anxiety and central nervous system disorders, and they’re rushing to therapists in hopes that will “fix it.” Others are so paranoid about catching or dying from Fauci Flu that they won’t leave their homes, so they order in food for almost every meal, wasting money on delivery costs and tips for the delivery drivers.

Then, there are plenty of pet lovers out there who spend a fortune, unnecessarily, on their pets, even during tough financial times. The cost of everything has skyrocketed, including pet treats, pet toys, veterinary care and pet funerals. Yes, people still buy tombstones and even caskets for their pets. Poor little “Sparky” and “Boots.”

Cabin fever (pandemic lockdowns and social interaction paranoia) brews wasted spending

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While on lockdown, self-quarantine, or just plain paranoia of catching the Wuhan virus, millions of people have wasted lots of time and money just sitting on their couch watching the ‘boob tube.’ Streaming television services can cost a bundle, especially if viewers subscribe to all of them, like many do, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, ESPN+, HBO, Disney, Pay-Per-View and more.

Consumers are buying movies, renting movies and binge-watching series that cost extra money for on-demand services that are streamed right to their living room or bedroom televisions. Meanwhile, these same consumers are eating junk food and wrecking their health, while missing work, sitting around unemployed, or just collecting free money from Resident Biden’s scamdemic administration.

Add to that financial implosion the addiction of ordering products, especially unnecessary, useless or scams from Amazon.com, where everything is delivered to their front door within days, like every day is Christmas, until these folks are broke, sick and starving.

Lockdowns and social distancing has now led to people over-indulging in entertainment that costs an arm and a leg

Just try to go bowling or to a comedy club and see how much money you spend. Things have changed for the worse, and drastically. Most entertainment has tripled or even quadrupled in price, but people are so desperate to get out of the house and be around other people, they pay for it anyway. Others have no clue that an economic and financial tsunami is on the way and underway right now.

Another housing bubble, like 2008 or worse, is about to burst. People buying homes, boats, pools, jet skis, hot tubs and other big ticket items that most likely will lose major value in the next few years may decimate their financial situation in ways that can’t be “repaired.” It’s not hard to remember how many Americans were “under water” with mortgages on their own homes, second homes and investment properties after the 2008 housing crash. Have no doubt, another one is beginning now.

Top 8 ways people are wasting money and then suffering buyer’s remorse later

#1. Therapy overload (therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, virtual therapy)

#2. Dining out and ordering take out/delivery

#3. Pet treats, vaccines, funerals

#4. Too many subscriptions for streaming services

#5. Ordering unnecessary items from Amazon (convenience & scams)

#6. Entertainment

#7. Homes, boats, and other “big ticket” items

#8. Unnecessary lawsuits – domestic disputes and low tolerance for disagreements

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All in all, people should be buying storable, nutritious food and ammunition, instead of wasting money on everything else. When the SHTF big time, they will surely wish they had. Tune your food news frequency to FoodSupply.news and get updates important supplies you should be purchasing while you still have money and they’re still available.

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