Truth. What does truth even mean much less matter anymore in the midst of so much social and political upheaval and turbulence today? It seems that all I see when I look around our nation are cadres of violent, America hating nihilists we’ve allowed public education and once venerable institutions of higher learning to turn our nation’s younger generations into, focused with a manic obsession on tearing the very foundations of our nation to shreds in their openly declared war on the truths of God’s natural world and our way of life. With no real effort made by this supposed opposition party we have in the GOP to try and reign in any of this crap or bring it to an end.

If anything we have Democrats and their RINO colleagues to thank for helping stoke the fires and fan the flames to much of this social and political pandemonium in our streets. So many headlines I read in the news these days look as if they could have come straight from the pages of Mad magazine. It’s surreal this descent we’ve spiraled into so quickly. Almost as if it were (like the Covid virus)…Planned and coordinated. This escalated and accelerated decline orchestrated by black ambition and malice. Its very nature seems shrouded by a sinister, preternatural malevolence fueling a gluttonous appetite with a fierce urgency. A preternatural malevolence unseen by the naked eye, but whose presence is no less palpable. How else can we explain the rate in which so much across our country all seems to be going to hell in a bucket so fast?

It gives particular emphasis to Ephesians 6:12, a passage I’m sure most of you are familiar with from the Bibles new King James version…

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~For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.~

More and more we keep hearing this declaration that we’re presently in a war for the survival of our country, and it IS a war make no mistake, but it’s a war being fought on two fronts I believe. Our struggle as flesh and blood human beings is waged here in the temporal world, while an even greater conflict is underway in the spiritual realm. Perhaps we’re nearing the conclusion of the prologue setting the stage for the beginning of the end times to start in earnest. Only God knows and it will be His Son, Jesus Christ, who will intercede at the end, being the final arbiter in the affairs of mankind.

In the meantime, with the Left’s unceasing attacks and their constantly projecting their criminal behavior onto us, they call anything we say to counter their own irrational thinking “hate speech”, and apparently our Christian faith is suddenly a byproduct of “white supremacy” now too. It’s hard to keep up with these radical idiots and whatever linguistic construct of the week they concoct to brand us with. But like I’ve said before, the truth hurts worst those who hate it most. Unfortunately these diaper droppings have hijacked the narrative so yeah, there’s that.

Whatever fad of the week these fruits and nuts are championing and rallying behind, if we oppose it then they characteristically label us as having some asinine phobia about it. Such as homophobia for example or, when referring to us individually then we’re homophobic. Transphobia and Transphobic. Islamaphobe and Islamophobic. These demented twits have a word for every occasion. They pull these made up words out of their butts to try and give legitimacy to their defense of the indefensible. In most cases of late, it’s more like in defense of complete and utter insanity on a scale we’ve never seen the likes of before. Never mind I guess that being a straight guy, I just naturally have this adverse reaction of disgust coupled with an involuntary gag reflex of wanting to throw up in my mouth a little bit when it comes to seeing 2 men engaging in a public spectacle of macking on each other. That doesn’t make me homophobic. It makes me normal. Something the people we’re having to deal with definitely are not.

I mean how could anyone seriously be considered “normal” when they’re telling us that men can get pregnant, menstruate, have abortions and that women can have penises.

Truth and facts. Those are things to be ridiculed, marginalized, censored and even criminalized when they can’t be warped to fit the subversive contraposition of these dissidents. So when it comes to their vain efforts in trying to redefine the established truths and facts of God’s natural order, whether you believe in Him or not, it gives these sanctimonious flakes the appearance of arrogant imbeciles trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Which subsequently gives any rational thinking person a moment of pause to ask themselves, how have we allowed such cognitively dissonant morons to make as much progress as they have towards disfiguring the face of our great nation, of trying to revise if not outright erase our history and by extension our heritage? The more you ponder that question, the more incomprehensible it becomes. It defies reason.

Much like these socioeconomic and politically motivated hardships and adversities being imposed on us intentionally by this illegitimate fraud occupying the White House and his pseudo-administration of grossly unqualified ignoramuses. But of any hardship or adversity, the most sinister affliction brought forth to date by this waking nightmare we can’t wake up from has been Biden’s authorizing the full power of the federal government in supporting the advancement of this alphabet soup organization of confused gay, lesbian and gender amalgamated weirdos targeting your children. Our nation’s most precious, natural and vulnerable resource, having utilized public education for years now as a conduit through which to indoctrinate our youth, but in recent years ramping up their perverse agendas. Yet for as awful as that is, it only gets worse from there. Infinitely worse as the following headlines will show…

Houston Library Features Convicted Child Molester Reading Trans Books To Children

The Houston Public Library has apologized for featuring a convicted child molester last fall during its “Drag Queen Storytime” series. It has not, however, announced it will end the program that featured the male sex offender dressed up as a woman reading LGBT books to children as young as babies.

Pennsylvania Education Department Claims 3-Year-Olds Can Identify as Transgender

The Pennsylvania Department of Education claims children as young as three  can identify as transgender and lists “ne, ve, ze/zie and xe” as viable pronouns.

The website for the department also advises teachers to ask students before assuming what a student’s preferred pronouns might be.

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