(Natural News) A 32-year-old male who unsuccessfully tried to become a “female” is speaking out about his transgender regret.

“Shape Shifter,” as this person now calls himself, tried to transform into a female by having his genitalia removed and replaced with a “neo-vagina.” Obviously, this did not work and left Shape Shifter with a host of medical problems that will plague him for the rest of his life.

Because he still feels feminine, Shape Shifter continues to don himself in stereotypical female apparel. He also keeps his hair long and puts on makeup in an attempt to feel womanly.

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Cutting off his male parts, however, is the part he really regrets. And instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, he is blaming the “trans community,” which he says “brainwashed” him into believing it was all going to be a-okay. (Related: Transgender regret is a growing phenomenon as the mutilated wake up to the fact that they destroyed their lives.)

Once you go trans, you can NEVER go back

The Massachusetts resident indicated that his “gender affirming” surgery was performed by Sherman Leis of The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. Leis is considered to be the most experienced “gender reassignment” surgeon in the United States.

Shape Shifter was apparently told that the surgery would go off without a hitch and that he would quickly become his “true self,” complete with a fake, non-functioning neo-vagina.

Several years later, Shape Shifter learned the ugly truth that his body is now forever ruined with no chance of recovery. And despite all the botching and mutilating, he is still male.

Not only that, but Shape Shifter now suffers from osteoporosis and scoliosis. His body also thinks his neo-vagina is a wound – which it is, to put it lightly – and is constantly trying to repair and heal it, without success.

As you might expect, Shape Shifter is also seriously mentally ill, depressed, and no longer has much of a sex drive.

Shape Shifter says he now believes that he was just a homosexual man with feminine tendencies all along, and that the so-called trans community goaded him into believing that it was something more than that.

He says the medical community centered around all things trans pushes this kind of thing and looks down on anyone who decides not to transition.

“I was happy maybe for a month or two, but then got even more depressed after surgery,” Shape Shifter explained to Blaire White, a 28-year-old transgender, in a roughly hour-long interview. “My neo-vagina started constricting. I thought I was going to spread my legs and get f****d and that never really happened after I gave away my penis.”

“I was online telling people how depressed I was. A lot of people thought it was because of the surgery … but I had no energy, I was so lethargic, I had brain fog and no sex drive at all. I then found that all the tranny-chasers stopped following me and I was competing with other women for men.”

Like many others who are under the spell and delusion of transgender allure, Shape Shifter convinced himself that removing his genitalia would be a breeze, and would help him to “blend in and complete my transition.” Instead, he is now the exact opposite.

“Now I feel like a man trapped in a woman-lookalike body,” Shape Shifter laments. “I will never be able to get my penis back, which is extremely traumatic for me,” he said, still blaming others and insisting that the surgeries he received went wrong, as opposed to them just being wrong inherently.

“I want it back and I can’t. Sex is traumatic for me now because I’ve had botched surgeries.”

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