Eliza Fletcher was a 34 yo mother of two. Her brutal slaying is just another example of thug culture raping America of it’s finest. Chris Menahan from Information Liberation has more details…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday delivered a powerful monologue on the brutal abduction and murder of Eliza Fletcher allegedly at the hands of “known predator” Cleotha Abston.

Transcript via Fox News:

The most important thing to keep in mind in a period of intense change is that things are, in fact, changing. Things weren’t always this way so memory, history, is your best defense against manipulation. When you remember the way things were, you can fight to preserve them.

When you no longer remember what was always this way, then you’re at their mercy. So, with that in mind, it’s worth remembering that 100 years ago, Memphis was one of the richest, best organized cities in the country. It had a booming economy. It had beautiful municipal parks, a lot of them, more than 100. It had one of the most modern sanitation systems in the world, something we take for granted now. When yellow fever was real, no one took it for granted.

Memphis was such a big deal that it in fact was the informal capital of an entire American region, the Mississippi Delta, but not anymore. In fact, by last year, if you went to Memphis, it was hard to believe that any of that had ever been true at any point, because by that point and now, Memphis had become a husk and a highly threatening one.

In 2021, according to federal statistics, Memphis, Tennessee, was the most dangerous city in the United States. Last year, it recorded a total of 342 murders. Now, how many is that? Well, by comparison, San Antonio, Texas, which has more than twice the population, recorded fewer than half as many murders.

[…] In the hours after Eliza Fletcher’s disappearance, Biden voters on social media seemed to dismiss the crime on racial grounds. “Why are we paying so much attention to the kidnapping of an attractive, privileged White woman? That’s racist.” Others seem to blame Fletcher for the atrocity committed against her. “Why was she jogging at that hour, anyway? In Memphis? Come on.”

The point they’re making was clear: “Everyone knows the rules. Eliza Fletcher violated those rules. You can’t go outside his certain hours in certain places in America, obviously, and if you do, if you violate the rules, you run the risk of being raped and murdered. That’s how things work in this country. So, adapt. Accept it. Move on.”.

To some extent, if we are being honest, all of us feel that way. Whether we articulated it or not, we know what the rules are. We know what we can and cannot do in modern America. Nothing is ever spelled out. Nothing can be spelled out at risk of punishment, but everyone knows what the parameters are. Cities like Memphis or Baltimore or Detroit or Montgomery or Gary, Indiana or Wilmington, Delaware, or a dozen other formerly prosperous, orderly, little cities across the country were destroyed forever by the rioting that accompanied our last progressive social revolution more than 50 years ago.

Politicized criminals started breaking things, torching buildings, stealing and immediately anyone with a decent job just left. They pulled their kids out of school, sold the house or not, didn’t matter, and they split for somewhere else and mostly they have never come back. That is true not simply in Memphis, but in places all over the country.

So, it seems a little weird to a lot of people when someone like Eliza Fletcher, someone who could live anywhere, voluntarily moves back to a place like Memphis, not to some suburb of Memphis, but to the city of Memphis. That seems weird to people. but it’s not weird. It’s not at all when you think about it. Eliza Fletcher was from Memphis. She grew up there, and she had a right to come back. This was her country, too, just as it’s your country too.

An American citizen should be able to live or walk anywhere in America without being raped or murdered for it, period. That is the baseline requirement for civilization. It’s called order. But increasingly, that is not what we have. What we have is a country where you just can’t go some places. You’re not wanted there and it’s too dangerous for you to go. Most people accept this by default, but we should never accept this under any circumstances. To accept something is to concede that it is more or less normal.

Once we acknowledge something as normal, whether it’s children being castrated in the name of trans rights or women being murdered by rapists who should have been in prison but weren’t because equity, once we accept that as normal, we are stuck with it forever. It is the new status quo. It will never change except to get worse.

The good people who lived in Memphis a century ago would never believe what has happened to the city they built. They would weep if they saw it. That will be the experience of every American before long. Our entire country will be Memphis if we don’t put a stop to this insanity right now with as much force as is required.

Imagine thinking turning our cities into Third World slums is “progress.”


Thank You Chris. Please check Chris’ site daily for the latest news that the MSM doesn’t always cover.

Paul Kersey has more details…

A simple confession: I wish I didn’t care about this stuff. Life would be simple.


But just over a decade ago, a childhood friend was murdered on the streets on Atlanta by a black male dedicated to fighting white privilege and thus was born the character behind SBPDL.

In the dying days of the American Empire, we know more names will emerge to share the same fate of Brittney Watts.

Her Name is Eliza Fletcher. [Body found in search for missing Tennessee teacher Eliza Fletcher, NY Post, September 5, 2022]:

A body was found in Tennessee Monday amid a search for a missing Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher, cops said.

The Memphis Police Department said that a “deceased party” was discovered in the area where the woman went missing at about 8 p.m. The identification of the body was not immediately confirmed.

Fletcher, 34, vanished Friday after being violently abducted during her early-morning jog.Cleotha Abston was charged Sunday with especially aggravated kidnapping in her snatching. His motive for kidnapping the mom of two remains unclear.Fletcher, who comes from a pedigreed Tennessee family that founded a $3.2 billion private hardware company, was allegedly abducted by Abston around 4:30 a.m. Friday.

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Tennessee authorities obtained surveillance footage of the kidnapping, which appeared to show Abston running “aggressively toward the victim, and then [forcing] the victim Eliza Fletcher into the passenger’s side of the vehicle,” according to a police affidavit which also said, “there appeared to be a struggle.”

Police described Fletcher’s abduction as “violent” and said it is believed that she “suffered serious injury.”“Further, it is probable and apparent from witness statements that these injuries left evidence of blood in the car the defendant cleaned,” it continued.

Abston was arrested but authorities said he refused to tell them Fletcher’s location. He was busted after a good Samaritan found sandals at the scene of the crime with DNA linking him to the alleged kidnapping.

Neighbors described Abston as a “creep” and “pervert” who constantly tried to pay women for sex, according to a report.

Fletcher was a married mom of two young boys and an elementary school teacher.

Memphis is 64 percent black, and 25 percent white in 2022... the man arrested for the murder of Eliza Fletcher, a white mother of two white boys, is black.

Were white privilege real, every individual connected to the black male who abducted and murdered Eliza Fletcher would be facing consequences. Consider how the concept of white privilege is taught in schools and all white children must atone for their ancestors past…

In a world where white privilege were real and omnipresent, every black individual who dared take the life of an innocent white person would see their entire family, to the fourth generation, face dire consequences.

The center cannot hold.

The American Experiment is ending.

The architects of Jim Crow knew the truth, though our Marxists overlords demand we forget.

For every Eliza Fletcher, the sting of reciting Emmitt Till memory loses its potency.


Thanks Paul. You can follow Paul’s writings at UNZ. He specializes in writing about race crimes. We feature Paul often on our websites, and please understand that stories like Eliza Fletcher happen all the time.

Yes those stories are just from 2022 AND please keep in mind that we, nor Paul, hardly cover all of them. To print stories like this is considered “racist” but lack of reporting these stories is causing many black thugs to become mired in that glorious “gangsta” culture that they have been taught.

America needs truth without censorship!

Not all black people are bad but there is a definite sub culture that teaches and justifies thuggery. We can not let this continue. We must stop it, as Tucker says, “…with as much force as is required.”

Amen Tucker!

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