(Natural News) A growing number of people on social media are signing on to the belief that the ongoing water crisis in Democrat-run Jackson, Miss., is nothing more than a manufactured crisis in order to extort millions in federal tax dollars.

During a press conference last week, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said that it is likely to cost as much as $1 billion to fix what has been an “indefinite” issue with the city’s water, often subjected to boil orders.

But, not long after President Joe Biden declared an emergency in the city, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency arrived there, the crisis was suddenly over, and the equipment was repaired.

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“The EPA and Army Corps showed up and fixed the ‘issue’ quickly and easily. Social media users have begun to speculate why Mary D. Carter, the Deputy Director of Water Operations for the past 8 years, could not fix the ‘problem’ herself,” The National File reported.

Meanwhile, the galaxy brains in the ‘mainstream media’ — many of them white liberal women who feel the need to virtue signal constantly — of course blamed “racism.”

“More people need to be talking about Jackson, Mississippi. The city ran out of bottled water to give residents yesterday. It’s the largest city in Mississippi. It’s 80% Black. Their water system is failing because of years of neglect. This is environmental racism,” wrote NBC News ‘tech’ and ‘culture’ reporter Kat Tenbarge.

“Most of the people I see talking about Jackson are Black. Past water crises in this country have disproportionately affected Black and Native American people. This is fitting into the pattern of environmental racism that has been a part of US history since the beginning,” she added.

Another way to read her ignorant post is this: ‘Black people aren’t capable of fixing problems in cities that they run.’ Because literally no one in Mississippi is refusing to help; and in fact, the white governor, Republican Tate Reeves, was among the first state officials to respond. But of course, her fellow media libtards will never put the blame for the inability to fix problems in a historically black city on the black officials who run it (and their politics), the same as they never point to white Democrats who are ruining other major cities.

To that point, during his 2017 mayoral campaign, Lumumba pledged to make Jackson “the most radical city on the planet.” And he has: So far, The Daily Caller notes, “he’s been unable to even solve…the city’s basic infrastructure problems and the city’s running water is now unsafe to drink.”

The outlet noted further:

He campaigned on plans to introduce universal basic income and alternatives to policing, to replace vacant lots with urban farms and to resolve chronic issues with the city’s water and roads in order to break the “cycles of humiliation” he said black residents experience in Jackson, the most heavily black large city in the U.S.

Instead, the city’s water problems have worsened, and Republican Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency Tuesday because running water is not reliably available nor safe for consumption.

“Providing an emergency briefing tonight at 7:00 PM, alongside our Department of Health and Emergency Management Agency, on today’s failure of our state capital’s water system and the resources that the state is mobilizing to respond,” Tate wrote on Twitter last week.

Liberals refuse to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, but they appear to be the first ones to take advantage of taxpayers.

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