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(Natural News) The Biden Administration is in desperation mode, trying to save face and win over some voters, with the chum-like bait of student loan relief, before the midterms come in just a few months, but it’s not going to work. Most voters hinge their prime reasons for choosing politicians on the state of the economy, and the US economy is in shambles right now, and it’s only getting worse by the day. Inflation is a creeping monster that gobbles up hard-working-folk’s money faster than the Feds can print the stuff, and consumers are feeling the pain on every front.

Information and statistics have been gathered for analysis from a March 2022 release of data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous fiscal year. Consumer products and services were then calculated and ranked to determine those most affected by inflation.

This is all happening despite the US central bank keeping rates near zero the past few years to boost economic growth, but to no avail. As Resident Biden’s corrupt administration chokes out the supply chain on purpose, trying to install communism via socialism in America, everything has been disrupted, from manufacturing to agriculture, and from importation to the transportation of goods.

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Nobody has been immune to this disastrous economy, and those hit hardest may never recover. It looks like the scamdemic-inflicted tsunami of economic destruction is here to stay, at least until the control shifts back to non-Rino Republicans in Washington DC.

Recent inflation period sees the fastest price increases since the early 1980s recession

If you’re not a “millennial” then you most likely remember the recession in the early 1980s. Times were tough, but nothing compared to right now and what’s about to come. The US economy is in a downward spiral, and thanks to Soros and the Globalists, everything that is a source needed to function and recover is being choked out.

Manufacturing facilities are inexplicably blowing up or catching on fire and burning down. Fertilizer plants are shutting down and trains are being intercepted that deliver fertilizer for big farms to function moving forward. The Chinese are exporting less than half of their usual tech equipment and parts for computers, vehicles and accessories, driving the cost of goods higher and higher.

The cost of vehicle fuel is skyrocketing, driving transportation and delivery costs through the roof. Anyone who commutes to work or ships goods for their business is feeling the punches. Everybody who delivers food or rents a vehicle on vacations feels the drain on their wallets and purses.

Every major category of the Consumer Price Index is jacked up over the Fed’s 2% inflation “target” this past year

The greatest household expenses are shelter, transportation and food. Food alone is at an overall 8% increase, while specific foods rapidly surpassed that threshold, and some products and services have tripled or quadrupled in price, just since Resident Biden took office.

When Americans grew tired of the highly unnecessary “stay-at-home” orders of the scamdemic, they were quick to rush out and be entertained, by dining out, going to the movies, bowling alleys, comedy clubs, hair salons, massage parlors, therapist visits and national parks, only to find out the cost of everything had skyrocketed.

One thing all Americans can be sure of, and that’s the Biden Inflation Reduction Act is a huge scam, and won’t help anything or anyone at all, except the ever-expanding IRS get heavily armed for door-to-door collections.

Here are the top 15 products and services, in order from worst first, that have been hit by the Biden inflation machine

#1. Eggs +43%

#2. Used cars and trucks +41%

#3. Motor fuel +38%

#4. Fuel oil and other fuels +33%

#5. Lodging away from home +25%

#6. Car and truck rental +24%

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#7. Utility (piped) gas service +24%

#8. Beef and veal +16%

#9. Motor vehicle parts and equipment +14%

#10. Pork +14%

#11. Poultry +12.5%

#12. New vehicles +12%

#13. Fresh fruits +10.5%

#14. Coffee +10.5%

#15. Fish and seafood +10.5%

Tune your food news frequency to and get updates on more food shortages and higher prices on everything coming to stores near you.

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