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For those wanting a free burger, please read on because it’s on me…

A lot of my readers know my story, but I’ll rehash it quickly. In July 2021 my wife kicked me out on the street when I was still blind. I found myself in a place called DuBois Nebraska thanks to an old college friend. I’m quite blessed not to be homeless. Thanks Chad. This town has a post office, a bank, a gas station, a community center, a park and less than 150 residents. Growing up in Kansas City, and never living in a town of less than 8000, I was lost here and still am. I had never lived in a town this small and now it’s my home, though I didn’t really choose it. Enough about me. Let me tell you about a miracle I witnessed this evening. Jeff and Holly I love you and I’m very proud of you both. Friday Night you inspired me and now I’m trying to pay it back. I hope this helps and God Bless you BOTH, but especially Jeff who just fed me the best Double Jalapeno Burger ever. 😉

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I’m not a restaurant critic and never have been. With my health problems I often eat the same thing 3 times a day. Strokes, diabetes, etc. But even though I’m not an official food critic, I am an American small business owner. My website once had more traffic than all but 3 large city newspapers: The New York Times, The LA Times and The Chicago Tribune. I’m coming for you guys.

That may never happen but America was built on people like me who believe in themselves.

It was built by people like Jeff and Holly who never listen to negative people and chased their dreams anyway. So a town of 145-ish people loses a small bar and grill. The experts would say it was a miracle it survived as long as it did, but Jeff and Holly saw OPPORTUNITY when most of us saw “reality.” HINT: Reality is BS folks. We live in a nation being taken over by large corporate businesses that are squeezing guys like Dean, Jeff and Holly out but we will never surrender because America is counting on us. Period.

Last Chance was Rooster’s when I first moved to DuBois and Roosters bit the dust. Tonight I was shocked to walk in and order my burger in a nearly packed house. See, the people of DuBois are good midwestern people who know well enough to support their blessings. They went without their local hangout for a few months and will fight to keep it alive, now that it has re-opened. They will do it for themselves but also for Jeff and Holly. Why? Because Jeff and Holly are family in DuBois. That’s how small towns are. God Bless all the locals who will gladly bring their business to Last Chance rather than taking it elsewhere.

We live in a country where small business still matters but matters less and less every day. Big corporate entities are squeezing us all out and that’s sad because small businesses built this country. You should read this Sleepy Joe, as should all your gang. You are winning but you will not prevail. We are taking this country back, one small chunk at a time.

Why Jeff and Holly will succeed…

I actually got to talk to Jeff twice while the transition was happening and soon found that he is much smarter than I knew and probably smarter than I am. He knows what people want and how to succeed in business.

I love Art, the former owner, to death and hope he knows that but Art  was trying to be too many things to too many people, in a town of 145ish. Love you Art but that’s not smart business. For instance, Art had alcoholic beverages in stock that no one drank and carried certain inventory (like eggs and pineapple) that only accompanied one menu item. He was trying to be too many things to too few people and it killed him. Art often had more employees than customers and that also killed his business.

I pray for Art and he will make it someday I promise you, but I’d ask my readers to pray for him as well because he’s a future champion who is currently licking his wounds. We’ve all been there but some of us never get up off the canvas and fulfill our potential. Art will, but needs our thoughts and prayers folks.

So, again, I got to talk to Jeff a couple of times during transition and Jeff should write a book because he’s on it. McDonald’s started with burgers and fries and Jeff knows that he can not be all things to all people, but also knows that he only needs to be the best at what he does.

  • Jeff, and Holly, simplified the menu getting rid of inventory that was costing the business money
  • That simplification included alcoholic beverages that don’t sell well in a small town environment (save that stuff for the cities)
  • Jeff and Holly are now basically the only employees. Jeff cooks while his wife waits tables. Jeff mentioned that they have one other “as needed” waitress but they are keeping it simple and eliminating the need for extra payroll.
  • They are open only evenings now, 5 days a week (closed Sundays and Mondays I believe) which focuses their time on hours that make profits rather than being open for lunch when Dean was one of their only customers.

See folks, I have an ego which I developed from being self-employed for 30 years, but Jeff and Holly are smart and already knew what I wanted to tell them. LOL Yes I am not the smartest man on the planet but often forget that. In my defense, I was trying to help but they didn’t need my opinions. Why was I trying to help? Screw Jeff and Holly, I’m just there for the burgers. 😉 Just kidding…

I forgot one thing from my list which shows how smart Jeff is. Jeff kept his day job. This is huge! Businesses don’t often reach their full potential early on so Jeff is super smart. He will be exhausted often but he is doing it right. He is still working his daytime blue collar job while he builds something that he and Holly will someday be very proud of.

Back to the food… my favorite part…

All of the fancy drinks and menu items are gone, but… I am telling you that you won’t find a better burger anywhere in America. Yes, again I am not a real food critic and honestly the Last Chance burger is in a 12-way tie for number one, but… The tie breaker is this… Jeff and Holly are my friends and they are part of the solution to bringing America back from the dead. They are also old school conservatives and those are my kind of people.

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I have many readers and friends in Kansas City (my hometown), Topeka (my college town), Lincoln and Omaha. And if you decide to drive here and challenge me to my food critic skills, I will buy you a burger or whatever else you might decide. I’m poor and rebuilding my business but I love meeting my readers and want to help Jeff and Holly. So if you eat as much as I do have mercy and maybe we can split the bill. LOL But if the only way I can get you to Last Chance in DuBois is to buy your dinner, I will do that. Dean 402 855 6012. Single women qualify for free gas money as well and I’ll even feed your kids if you have any. LOL Yes I am still fighting for my kids and they need a Mom so I’m actually serious with that remark. My babies need a surrogate Mom. But I’ll feed any of my readers except for Fat Freddy who broke me the last time I tried this type of stunt…

GPS ADDRESS: Last Chance, 106 Miner St, Du Bois, NE 68345. (New business so it may not be registered in the computers yet. You heard it here first. EXCLUSIVE!!! 😉

The Last Chance in DuBois Nebraska represents everything that is still right with America. And one dive bar at a time we will take America back, or we will die trying.

God Bless You ALL. I love you ALL.

Come see us in DuBois for the best damn burger I ever ate. If you can’t finish the double Jalapeno cheeseburger, I will do it for you. Or pretty much anything else on the menu that my diet allows. I can’t eat a lot of sugar or carbs but I’ll take it home and feed it to Chad and his, soon to be, 10 cats. True story.

Let’s do dinner America. It’s on me but stipulations may apply. 😉

Dean Garrison is the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. Follow him on GABGETTR and Truth Social. He is permanently banned from Twitter and suspended, more often than NOT, from Facebook. LOL Please feel free to reprint this article in part or full. Dean is trying to resurrect his career after 2 years of blindness. His eyes are fixed but his web traffic and income are NOT. If you can help by sharing articles it would be much appreciated. Prayers are always appreciated too. If you can afford it, I would also be grateful for donations, large or small. I am blocked, because of politics, by ALL major donation websites. So if you have a donation please send it to me directly by snail mail: Dean Garrison, 109 Martha Street, DuBois, NE 68345. God Bless you ALL and God Bless America. We The People will win, or we will die trying!

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