(Natural News) Ben Armstrong delivered a bad news and “good” news to his audience during the Oct. 4 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

Those who have taken at least one dose of Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine probably have some damage to their immune system, he said. But there’s a chance they can eventually recover.

A new report showed that the original COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer had negative efficacy within 30 days. Worse, the shots were found to destroy the immune system at a rate of 10 percent per month.

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“I think this report by its rate, and from things that I’ve seen in the past, it means it will destroy your immune system. But then it might stop and level out,” Armstrong said. “And hopefully, that means your immune system recovers.”

Moreover, the vaccines are known to cause Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) and double-vaccinated individuals were losing their immunity against the delta variant at five percent per week compared to the unvaccinated.

Expose News compared COVID-19 vaccines to Trojan horses. They offer initial immunity against a variant, but also progressively destroy the immune system to a point that initial immunity is wiped out. The vaccines then continue the destruction until the immune system kills most of the spike-producing cells of the vaccinated.

Some people die before that point, mainly from cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, spike-infected organ failures or cancers.

The new report revealed the decimation of immunity caused by the original Pfizer vaccine. Based on the analysis of the report, the causes of the enormous effectivity reductions include the fact that the old Pfizer vaccine has no impact against the newer strains, specifically the omicron.

Also, both the old and the new vaccine progressively destroy the immune system with spike proteins that they program your cells to make.

No scientific paper on Pfizer trial

The third phase of Pfizer’s clinical trial for its original COVID-19 vaccine was supposed to be published as a scientific paper in the New England Journal of Medicine. It began on April 29, 2020 and set to finish on February 15, 2023. (Related: Whistleblower: Pfizer vaccine trial data was falsified, participants who experienced adverse effects were ignored.)

However, the 46,953-participant trial ended after six months, when Pfizer permitted participants in the placebo group to be vaccinated after they received the emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

There is also no more data expected from the trial, especially since the results have demonstrated links to VAIDS. The company stopped the trial 28 months early to conceal the long-term damage that the vaccines do to those who take them.

Overall, Pfizer’s data for the new vaccine compared to the old one proved that the old version did not work against omicron and the company’s bivalent versus monovalent trial results showed that one shot of the old vaccine destroyed 14 percent of the COVID-19 antibodies in one month. That’s why Expose News called the original Pfizer vaccine as an anti-vaccine against omicron.

The good news, as Armstrong mockingly pointed out, is that the rate of immune degradation will decrease as the immune system kills off spike-producing vaccinated cells in the body.

Visit Vaccines.news for more updates about the adverse effects of the COVID-19 shots.

Watch the video below to learn more about the things Pfizer did not want people to know about their dangerous vaccines.

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This video is from the channel The New American on Brighteon.com.

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