“Conspiracy Dean” is back folks. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my writings I am one of those people who constantly looks for answers. Here is a recent example:

I don’t always find answers but I am unafraid to ask the questions that need to be asked. I am labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for that but I prefer to think of myself as a truth seeker. I rarely get absolute proof but I know enough to know that not everything is exactly as it seems. Here’s another recent example:

(Note: both the Sandy Hook and 9/11 links will open in new windows so you can continue reading about “Ian” and look at those later.)

Let’s Shift Now to Hurricane Ian…

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All over America bad things are happening as our economy implodes. It very much looks like The Biden Administration is doing their best to ruin America and mother nature is helping them with droughts, crop failures, etc. Would it be so far fetched to think that some of this is planned? Many people don’t even know that our weather is, at least partially, already controlled. Here’s proof…

Though many people don’t know it is already going on, weather modification is real. Even the “evil” left-wing Wikipedia fully admits it.

Cloud seeding was first attempted by Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir. After witnessing the artificial creation of ice crystals, Langmuir became an enthusiastic proponent of weather modification.[1] Schaefer found that when he dumped crushed dry ice into a cloud, precipitation in the form of snow resulted.[2]

With regard to hurricanes, it was hypothesized that by seeding the area around the eyewall with silver iodidelatent heat would be released. This would promote the formation of a new eyewall. As this new eyewall was larger than the old eyewall, the winds of the tropical cyclone would be weaker due to a reduced pressure gradient.[3] Even a small reduction in the speed of a hurricane’s winds would be beneficial: since the damage potential of a hurricane increased as the square of the wind speed,[4] a slight lowering of wind speed would have a large reduction in destructiveness.[4]

Due to Langmuir’s efforts, and the research of Schaefer at General Electric, the concept of using cloud seeding to weaken hurricanes gathered momentum. Indeed, Schaefer had caused a major snowstorm on December 20, 1946 by seeding a cloud.[2] This caused GE to drop out for legal reasons. Schaefer and Langmuir assisted the U.S. military as advisors for Project Cirrus, the first large study of cloud physics and weather modification. Its most important goal was to try to weaken hurricanes.[5]

1946? Yes sir and who knows what advancements may have been made since then. How many people actually know that our government has been trying to perfect weather modification for over 70 years? Keep in mind that the video we already watched was from a small time operation that helps with droughts. This is not hidden from anyone. But we know our government doesn’t tell us everything so what might they actually be hiding from us?

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and if you don’t understand that please tune into your chosen, approved, brainwashing, national news source. This site is for people who can think for themselves and that will never change. Call me every name in the book. Keep sending the death threats. My sites will not ever sway from seeking truth, so long as I live and breathe. Why so many Covid articles Dean? Because Covid was manmade and meant for depopulation and we are attempting to prove that. Pssst… Do you know that Pfizer’s North American market is less than half of it’s total market? That’s another article but globalists are good at what they do and you had better wake up folks because planned depopulation is real and it’s already happening.

Back to Hurricane Ian…

I am going to share some more videos from the experts from which you can draw your own conclusions. Is government technology to the point where they could do this on purpose? I don’t know but ask yourself this… If they can manufacture rain, when needed, why do we ever have droughts? Enough said.

Geoengineeringwatch.org is a site that tackles these questions every day. Please watch this short video…

Deanna Lorraine inspired this article when she had the guts to interview Dane Wiggington from Geoengineering Watch.

And yes I realize that Deanne Lorraine and Dane Wiggington might be considered conspiracy theorists to some so let me just share one more video for you about Weather Modification from The History Channel:

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Weather modification methods have been in development for over 70 years. Could America have helped Ian’s destruction? It is entirely possible, especially when a political agenda is in play.

Can I prove my theory right? No I can’t at all. But you sure as hell can’t prove me wrong. I simply ask questions that others are afraid to ask. Hurricane Ian is just another unfortunate event, controlled or natural, that will help devastate the American economy.

How convenient for those who are already trying to wreck it. #TRUTH

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