(Natural News) A panel that advises the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about vaccines voted unanimously last week to recommend the addition of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) jabs to the official childhood vaccine schedule. The result, many expect, will be a full-fledged exodus of children from American public schools.

In many states, whatever injections the CDC recommends end up becoming a requirement in order to get an education. Consequently, millions upon millions of American children will end up being forced to accept Fauci Flu penetration as a condition of staying enrolled and going to class – unless their parents withdraw them, of course.

Some 30 million-or-so American children remain unvaccinated, we are told. All of these children and their families could soon be told that in order to avoid being expelled, all students must roll up their sleeves for gene editing and DNA reprogramming. (Related: Remember when the CDC was planning to develop covid concentration camps for those deemed to be “unclean?”)

CDC caught lying about childhood jab schedule – vaccines ARE required in more than a dozen states for children to attend school

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One of the few mainstream news personalities to address the matter is Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson who ran a segment about how the CDC’s adoption of covid injections to the childhood jab schedule would end up forcing unvaccinated students to get pricked.

Carlson and the network received a litany of criticism from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical players, but to no avail. Carlson tweeted – see below – that he stands by what he said and has even more to say about the matter:

According to the CDC, individual states decide whether or not to require its childhood vaccine schedule. However, as Carlson explained, the agency is lying as more than a dozen states follow the CDC’s childhood jab schedule as a requirement – not a suggestion – in order to attend school.

In Virginia, for instance, the Department of Health says that “vaccines must be administered in accordance with the harmonized schedule of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

It is a similar situation in Massachusetts where it has been codified that “no student shall attend a preschool, elementary school or secondary school program without a certificate of immunization documenting that the child has been successfully immunized.”

Keep in mind here that no distinction is made between public and private schooling. In order to attend school period, a child must complete the entire CDC vaccination schedule – including covid jabs in the event that those are officially added in the future.

While the 15-0 CDC advisory committee vote to add covid shots the schedule was unanimous, it is not technically binding – though more often than not it is followed by the CDC.

The CDC has received more than 31,000 public comments and counting, most of them being in opposition to the addition of covid jabs to the official childhood immunization schedule in the United States.

“Let’s hope this causes millions of families to pull their kids from government schools,” wrote a commenter.

“Is anyone surprised?” asked another.

“At this point there is no excuse to be sending your kid to public school,” wrote someone else. “Money and your job are not a good enough reason to destroy your child’s mind and body.”

Despite being long over, covid is still being used as a weapon by the CDC and other corrupt government agencies. To keep up with the latest, visit Tyranny.news.

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