(Natural News) On October 28, MakerDAO co-founder Nikolai Mushegian tweeted a disturbing message to his followers linking government intelligence agencies to a pedophilia ring allegedly running out of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. Two days later, he was found dead in San Juan.

Mushegian’s message, which is still posted on Twitter, reads as follows:

“CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and caribbean islands. They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex gf who was a spy. They will torture me to death.”

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It is safe to say that most of our readers are well aware of the Central Intelligence Agency, but Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, is probably lesser-known. Mossad is the Israeli version of the CIA, in simple terms.

What Mushegian was suggesting before his mysterious passing is that a Jeffrey Epstein-style child trafficking operation is running wild off America’s eastern coast. He must have struck a nerve because he was quickly silenced for broadcasting this to the world. (Related: Efforts are currently underway to investigate Joe Biden’s pedophilia.)

Mushegian died just five days after approval of a lucrative custodian partnership with Coinbase

Mushegian was 29 when he died. He is profiled as a “stablecoin innovator” and “BitShares contributor” who created DAI, which runs on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

According to reports, the San Juan police bureau in Puerto Rico found Mushegian’s body on a beach behind Ashford Hospital in Condado. He was found near the water and rescuers were unable to revive him because his vital signs were already gone.

Official reports suggest that Mushegian’s body was “dragged by currents” and swept away while he was swimming. In other words, the official cause of death is an “accident.”

Few believe this based on the timeline of when Mushegian tweeted about the CIA and Mossad and when he turned up deceased. Three days prior to that tweet, the MakerDAO community had also approved a lucrative custodian partnership with cryptocurrency giant Coinbase, which is also worth noting.

Many in the crypto space are skeptical of the official story concerning Mushegian’s death. It is clear to them that something nefarious occurred as a result of the information he tweeted.

Mushegian himself tweeted several other concerning messages about how his future might include being “suicided by CIA” or becoming a “CIA brain damage slave asset.” Here is what he wrote:

“sunday night, conditions met, surprise discovery, new opportunity, now all in on timeline shifting insanity index, quantum immortality but for human civilization, a bet that there is no future where negative sum banker global slave agenda doesn’t end in extinction. wish me luck. 3 possible futures for me 1) suicided by CIA 2) CIA brain damage slave asset 3) worst nightmare of people who fucked with me up until now, I am sure these are the only options.”

Compared to many others in the crypto space, Mushegian was relatively quiet most of the time, choosing instead to let his development do the talking. Very rarely did he say anything on Twitter, which makes the aforementioned messages chilling, to say the least.

Why did Mushegian believe he was about to die or become a deep state slave? What did he see or know that he knew made him a likely target for elimination? Here is what one commenter had to say about the shadowy figures potentially behind these pedophile rings:

“Rome celebrated pedophilia as an annual festival for centuries. It’s their custom. [Those] who created Roman Catholicism corrupted the Jewish Temple, turned it into ‘a den of thieves and a synagogue of Satan’ as Jesus said, and are the moral authority for rule of law who crucified Christ.”

The latest news about pedophilia and other deep state wickedness can be found at Evil.news.

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