(Natural News) Not long ago Arizona was a solid red state with two Republican senators, a majority Republican House delegation, a GOP governor, and was led mostly by Republican state officials.

But within the course of a couple of years, suddenly Arizona is looking purple and trending blue, after both Senate seats were ‘won’ by Democrats and after a Democrat secretary of state allegedly defeated a Trump-backed Republican candidate, former Phoenix-area newscaster Kari Lake, after nearly a week of ‘counting ballots.’

“Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has defeated Republican Kari Lake in Arizona’s race for governor, NBC News projected Monday. Hobbs’ victory is key for Democrats in a presidential battleground — though the closeness of the contest left the result up in the air for nearly a week,” NBC News reported.

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“A record number of early ballots were dropped off on Election Day in Maricopa County, officials said, which had to be processed in a more time-intensive manner that includes signature verification. Maricopa County, the state’s most populous, said Sunday that it estimated that its count was 94 percent complete after receiving a historic 290,000 of those early ballots on Election Day,” the outlet added.

But not long after the race was called, Lake took to Twitter to say: “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

A report by Creative Destruction Media, however, noted that there was a litany of problems and ‘unexplained’ incidents leading up to the declared outcome:

According to polls leading up to the race, Lake was projected to win, but then a rash of inexcusable, and unexplainable, events occurred. Mysteriously tabulator machines that an election day judge said worked “perfectly” during testing the night before the election, completely malfunctioned on election day at 30% of voting centers across Maricopa County. The malfunctioning tabulators led to extensive delays and lines so long that two different Republican organizations requested that the Court extend voting by 3 hours, but the judge who heard the emergency hearing denied the request.

There have also been numerous ballot drops over the subsequent days that should have seen Lake take the lead, but have instead caused the election to be called for Hobbs. Only 17 percent of election-day voters in Maricopa County were Democrats. Only 23 percent of primary election day voters in the same county were Democrats, but yet somehow Democrat candidate, Hobbs, won by more than 50 percent of the vote. The math just doesn’t add up and Lake agrees.

Now, according to reports on Tuesday, Lake is set to tee-up a legal response that she likely had waiting in the likely event that shenanigans disrupted the election process. An inside source reportedly told The Western Journal and the outlet’s founder, Floyd Brown, that Lake does not have plans to concede the race.

“Spent hours last night working with Lake team on a continuing war for Arizona. She will not go quietly into the night. She intends to stand and fight. She knew when she entered this race that it would be tough. Her opponents lack her courage. She is fighting for us,” Floyd tweeted.

Stay tuned. The battle for the governor’s mansion in Arizona isn’t over yet, apparently.

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