(Natural News) It has come to light that tech giant Apple has restricted the use of AirDrop in communist China where citizens are protesting the Xi Jinping regime’s implementation of yet another round of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns.

In support of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its ongoing Fauci Flu tyranny, Apple is making it as difficult as possible for protesters to communicate with one another via Apple devices such as iPhones.

The unrest began, in case you missed it, after an apartment building in Urumqi caught fire. Everyone was locked inside with welded-shut doors due to China’s “covid zero” lockdown rules, which resulted in up to 40 people being burned alive.

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For the next roughly 100 days, residents of Urumqi are being forced to stay inside to “stay safe.” And Apple is doing its part to help the CCP squelch all opposition protests. (Related: Remember when Apple shut down its Foxconn iPhone production facilities at the start of the scamdemic?)

Apple might as well be an extension of the CCP

Until recently, Chinese citizens were using Apple’s AirDrop to bypass the CCP’s highly restrictive censorship regime.

AirDrop, in case you are unfamiliar with it, allows Apple device users to communicate directly with no monitoring or censorship by local or state authorities.

Apple responded to this free speech attempt by implementing new rules for AirDrop in China that allow for just 10 minutes of use at a time. This has made it hard for protesters and activists to communicate and coordinate on the ground.

The infamous Hong Kong protests also saw widespread use of AirDrop, at least until the CCP started brutally censoring it there as well, with the help of Apple.

“Apple has helped Beijing to suppress public dissent multiple times, mostly by complying with its requests to remove apps used by protestors for information and communication,” reports Reclaim the Net about Apple’s new AirDrop “feature” update.

“Apple also helps the Chinese Communist Party prevent users from remaining private by banning VPNs in the region.”

All of this is happening as Elon Musk, the new head of Twitter, revealed that Apple is threatening to remove that social media platform from its App Store now that free speech is once again returning to it.

“I’ve hated Apple for ages,” wrote a commenter, noting that the company was much different when it first launched. “I could see where they were going well over a decade ago simply by understanding how they architect their products.”

“It’s a closed system and a trap. I always opted for less restrictive platforms. If this type of action doesn’t wake people up to where Tim Cook is aligned, all I can say is enjoy your slavery.”

Another wrote that what Apple is doing with the CCP is “exactly what fascism looks like.” In fact, the Apple-CCP partnership is a textbook example of fascism in every sense of the word.

“Media and tech are the most powerful tools of mass control ever created,” this person added.

Someone else chimed in that Apple, like the CCP and the current rulers of the United States, are just slave owners. And as is always the case, “slave owners are forever despised by everyone with a conscience, and deservedly so.”

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“Apple clearly supports communism and totalitarianism,” said another person. “The power resides with the producer. China basically owns Apple because without China, Apple makes nothing and has no business.”

“Designed in California by Apple is Orwellian speak for Made in China,” this person added, referring to the little note emblazoned on every Apple product package.

The latest news about the protests in China can be found at Rioting.news.

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