(Natural News) Arguably the dumbest member of Congress was caught in the act this week pretending to be some anonymous Twitter troll because she failed to log back into her official account to respond in a heated social media debate.

That member of Congress is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who is believed to have been running a now-deleted “burner” account called @zazasmoka, or “zaza demon,” that she used to tweet hateful and sometimes violent vitriol that she could not have gotten away with on her official government account.

The account was created back in August, but things came to a head this week when AOC, via her @zazasmoka account, entered the fray on a conversation about Chaya Raichik, who runs the Libs of TikTok account. From her official account, AOC initially wrote in a tweet about Raichik:

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“NYC doesn’t play with bigots and transphobes and neither do I.”

Another Twitter user responded to this by condemning AOC:

“But you vote to send money to Nazis and to fund the Israeli apartheid.”

To this, AOC, mistakenly from her burner account, responded back with:

“Lol and what makes you think that I did anything to support nazis? You’re delusional. Seek help.”

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AOC’s Twitter burner account also wished violence and death on Matt Walsh

It was an oh shoot kind of moment that prompted AOC to delete the @zazasmoka account immediately – but not before the internet screen-captured many of the cringeworthy interactions that it had over the months, including another hateful, vulgarity-laden mention of Raichik.

Another Twitter user on another occasion pointed out that AOC had actually taken a photo with Raichik without even realizing it was her, stating:

“you didnt even recognize her when you took a photo with her lmao.”

To this, AOC’s @zazasmoka burner account quickly came to AOC’s defense, writing vulgarly:

“Is that supposed to mean anything besides how forgettable and basic ‘libs of tiktok’ is? Shes a worthless ****.”

It gets even worse. At one point, AOC, via her burner account, wished violence and death on conservative commentator Matt Walsh, who tweeted on March 28:

“I came to the conclusion years ago that the trans movement is the greatest evil our country faces. I only become more and more sure of this fact with each passing day, and more and more determined to oppose it until my last breath.”

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This tweet by Walsh so infuriated AOC that she responded via her burner account with the following:

“You are a hateful little freak and i cant wait until you p*ss off a trans person that actually is as unhinged as you claim to say they all are. Can’t be a bigot if you’re no longer breathing :)”

At one point, AOC’s burner account came very close to simply admitting that it was actually her as other accounts started to catch on to her little scheme. When pressed about this, @zazasmoka said:

“Wow the schizophrenic twitter guy cracked the code yes im aoc or whatever ooooo im in your walls.”

Not long after this, the @zazasmoka account bit the dust for good.

“All in all, it’s about what you’d expect from a miseducated millennial with her head filled with far-Left agitprop – retweets of people saying things such as ‘Conservatives are mad that I called a nazi a nazi’ from someone who no doubt would abjectly fail to define ‘Nazi’ accurately, and that sort of thing,” commented Robert Spencer about the matter, writing for PJ Media.

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