(Natural News) Over the past 10 years – and especially since “covid” was unleashed – the push to normalize transgenderism and transhumanism has gone mainstream. And according to investigative journalist and feminist Jennifer Bilek, powerful interests at the top are behind this carefully crafted assault on humanity.

In the following interview, Bilek unpacks the history behind all things trans. Much of it got its start in the 1940s through the work of a guy named William Sims Bainbridge, a Harvard University graduate and sociology professor who wrote all about cults, religions, technology, gaming, and the future of psychological mind control.

Bainbridge now works at the head of the National Science Foundation’s Cyber Human Program, which Bilek says is focused on human-cyber melding, or the melding of human beings with machines – this is where the term transhumanism is derived.

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Transgenderism is a vehicle straight into transhumanism and the eventual disembodiment of all humans into cyberspace or the “metaverse”

As Bilek explains, the trans push really started gaining momentum in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the culture shifted from analog to the digital age. This brought in the push for artificial intelligence (AI), transhumanism, robots, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and more.

“This is kind of where we’re going now,” she explains. “Silicon Valley has been pushing a transhumanist agenda.”

Around this time, Bainbridge met up with another guy named Martine Rothblatt, who is also a transhumanist. To give you an idea of who Rothblatt is, he is a transsexual with a robot “wife.”

Rothblatt wrote a book that serves as the blueprint for what’s going on in the culture now. His ideology, working off of Bainbridge’s, aims to disintegrate the boundary between the sexes, meaning no youth or age, and no male or female.”

“Transhumanism is boundary-less-ness – the transferring of reproduction to the tech sector,” Bilek says.

The first gender legislation got its start in the 1980s about a decade earlier, laying the groundwork for the eventual disembodiment of humans into cyberspace, or virtual reality, or what has come to be known as the “metaverse.”

The way they have been grooming people ever since to accept this is through transgenderism. Through the schools, Hollywood, social media, and other things that are attractive to children, the Rothblatts of the world are grooming the next generation into accepting the idea that you can choose your own sex, which will eventually lead to humans being “uploaded” into the metaverse.

Things really took off in 2014 when Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of TIME magazine. Since then, it has been all things trans.

Bilek says that very large and very powerful NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are behind the LGBT push, and have been working hand-in-hand with international law firms, the Open Society Foundation, and others to create the legal framework for trans “rights,” which built the edifice to drive the narrative that one can be “born in the wrong body.”

(Related: Israeli Yuval Noah Harari says he and his fellow globalists have developed a “technological Noah’s ark” known as transhumanism to escape the mass extinction event they’re unleashing.)

“This project has, you know, is backed by Big Finance, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and all the corporations, international law firms – they’re all driving the same narrative,” Bilek says. “Why would this happen in the span of 10 years when human rights movements don’t act like that?”

It is all being engineered, Bilek warns, explaining that transgenderism is just an onramp to transhumanism. You won’t want to miss this interview so be sure to watch it up above.

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