(Natural News) By now, most of our readers probably well know that modern medicine is a criminal racket heavily influenced by Big Pharma and other special interests. But do you know about the occult history of how we got here?

In conjunction with the launch of the new Brighteon University platform – you can learn more about it at BrightU.com – comes the launch of a new, free documentary series called “Cult of the Medics” that dives deep into this subject.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, sat down with documentary creator David Whitehead to discuss the contents of the film, which is the inaugural curriculum, so to speak, of Brighteon University.

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“We are going to be working with quite a number of brilliant filmmakers to bring you educational programs – all of them for free, registration required, on a new website that’s called BrightU.com,” Adams explained in a recent segment – be sure to watch below.

“The very first program right out of the gate that we’re bringing you through this new format is with an incredible individual, David Whitehead, who has produced a multi-part series called ‘Cult of the Medics.’”

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Health care, like most modern institutions, has been infiltrated by evil – can it be stopped?

During covid, Whitehead found himself with a lot of extra stay-at-home time, during which he started digging into the history of the occult, secret societies, and other infiltrators of Western institutions, including the medical community.

He starts off in the film defining what a cult is while providing several examples of cults throughout history, including Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Heaven’s Gate.

From there, the series delves into how modern medicine was transformed from being a do no harm community supporting and promoting health to a death cult controlled by an anti-life agenda.

“How do we explain evil?” Whitehead said during the interview about the series. “Well, evil is just the word live spelled backwards. So, it’s the inversion of life and thriving and humanity.”

“What possesses certain groups and people that gain all sorts of positions of power and influence – why would they be so psychopathic? Why would they be so anti-human? And when you really pull back and see the whole picture, you see just how anti-human the current agenda for the world is.”

The three-year-long covid “pandemic” we just went through is a perfect example of what happens when evil infiltrates virtually every layer of government from the top down.

The idea that modern medicine even before covid had become a cult is not actually a new idea that Whitehead came up with himself, but is rather the assessment given by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, a famous American doctor whose beliefs and ideas are also unpacked in “Cult of the Medics.”

“He wrote a book that inspired me years ago, but it didn’t seem relevant at the time – but it definitely became relevant later,” Whitehead explained about how Dr. Mendelsohn’s book, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic,” became more relevant than ever once covid hit.

“What he is referring to is this force within modern medicine that has crept in and has basically taken hold of the top layers of control of these various systems to the point that the average doctor that maybe has their own independent opinion, has done their own independent research, is sidelined, censored, and totally defamed when they go against the status quo – and then they become heretics.”

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The Health Ranger’s interview with Whitehead is fascinating, and the “Cult of the Medics” documentary builds upon it so be sure to check out both.

The latest news about the takeover of modern medicine by fascists can be found at MedicalTyranny.com.

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