(Natural News) Today we are announcing official support for Epic Cash across our online retail stores (HealthRangerStore.comBrighteonStore.com) and as a tipping system for content creators on the Brighteon.com free speech video site. Epic Cash is a mostly undiscovered, yet vastly superior form of digital private money that is non-confiscatable, borderless and truly private.

Our online stores will start accepting Epic Cash as a form of payment, likely within the next 30 days, and our Brighteon.com video site will enable users to tip content creators using Epic Cash as a tipping system, with 100% of the tip proceeds going to the content creator. (Each content creator is responsible for reporting their Epic Cash tips to their local tax authorities, per their own tax codes. We do not handle anyone’s tips.)

The current version of the Epic Cash GUI wallet to download for desktop computers is version 5.0.3, which is found at GitHub:

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Mobile wallet versions can be found at Epic.Tech (click on downloads).

Epic Cash is expected to be supported soon by ChangeNow.io which will allow easy swaps from BTC (or other coins) to Epic. This function is already working at Vite.net, for advanced users who know how to carry out cross-chain coin swaps.

DISCLAIMERS: We are announcing our intention to accept Epic Cash as a form of payment and for our tipping systems. We specifically do NOT call for anyone to speculate in Epic Cash, nor to buy and hold for the expectation of increasing value. We focus on the utility of private digital money, borderless transactions and what I call “permissionless portability” which means you can take it with you and you don’t need permission from any bank or government to do so. In terms of my own positions, I personally hold Epic Cash, Monero, Zcash and other coins with privacy features, and I am personally emptying my savings assets from fiat currency banks and moving almost entirely into gold, silver and crypto as my choices of usable assets. You should do your own research and decide what’s best for you, and I make no promises about the future value of gold, silver, crypto, Epic, BTC or otherwise. I am personally holding Epic Cash and other crypto as a hedge against inflation and the rapid devaluation of the US dollar due to endless central bank money printing. But I am not your financial advisor so you decide what makes sense to you (and do your own research). All forms of value carry risk, including dollars, gold and crypto.

Why Epic Cash? Why privacy matters…

In an era of increasing government surveillance and banking restrictions on how people are able to use their money, we see Epic Cash as a critical piece of technology for making purchases that are truly private. No bank, no government and no entity can spy on your Epic Cash transactions — unlike with Bitcoin where all your transactions are public — because the Epic Cash blockchain does not record wallet IDs at all.

Instead, it uses the MimbleWimble blockchain technology, which is naturally “private” as a side effects of its mathematical simplicity. It’s also very efficient, using about 1/10th the storage space of the Bitcoin blockchain for the same number of transactions. The current Epic Cash node size is only around 5 GB, making it suitable for running full nodes on mobile devices or tiny computers. This promotes decentralization and the robustness of the entire network.

In addition to Epic Cash, we also plan to accept Monero and other privacy-oriented crypto coins as a means of payment and for Brighteon tipping systems.

How to become familiar with Epic Cash

1) Download and install the Epic Cash wallet. It’s free. You can find it at Epic.Tech

2) Ask someone who owns Epic Cash to send you some coins. Or you can wait for ChangeNow.io to go online with Epic (which should happen in early June, I’m told) and swap BTC for Epic using their easy tools. If you happen to know me personally, just message me with your Epic wallet receive address and I will send you coins myself. (I acquired blocks of Epic Cash coins with the anticipation of giving many of them away, as well as looking at donating even more to my non-profit CWC which use them to award grant money to others.)

3) Become familiar with sending and receiving coins. Set up a couple of wallets and send between them. Become proficient in using digital money, because we will all need to understand this moving forward, especially if you want to preserve your freedom and not get enslaved in the CBDC system.

4) As soon as we announce Epic Cash integration into Brighteon.com, you can tip content creators using Epic Cash, assuming those content creators set up their Epic Cash wallets to receive tips or donations. If you are a content creator there, you will be able to enter your Epic Cash receive address in your user dashboard, and then your tipping receive address will appear beneath each of your videos on Brighteon.com (automatically).

5) Once we integrate Epic Cash into HealthRangerStore.com (coming in June, looks like), you will be able to start making truly private purchases using Epic Cash. Food rationing limits set by the government will not be able to stop you from buying food from us by using private digital money. We also plan to accept Monero, but our Epic Cash integration is the first priority, followed by Monero and other coins.

Learn more in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News episode, which features my interview with “Uncle Vigilante” who has been covering the Epic Cash phenomenon for nearly two years.

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