Brave Firefighters Tackle Wildfire in Devastated Forest, Combating Environmental Disaster with Resilience and Teamwork

(Natural News) The wildfires sweeping through much of Canada’s pristine forests may have been intentionally set off using 60,000 pounds of explosive ammonium nitrate that went missing from a train bound for California last month.

This is according to analysts, including Josh Sigurdson of “World Alternative Media,” who presented evidence strongly pointing toward the possibility that the fires were a premeditated act of arson.

“This makes a lot of people wonder exactly what is going on and who benefits,” noted Sigurdson.

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Most of the world’s attention has been focused on the more than 400 wildfires engulfing the eastern Canadian province of Quebec. The smoke and particulate matter from there were blown south toward New England and much of the American East Coast.

Sigurdson noted that the fires occurring in Canada have bathed much of the Northeastern U.S. in “a very strange orange color, as we’ve seen, in places like New York City.”

Coincidentally, Sigurdson noted that this is the exact color of ammonium nitrate when it burns, as is evidenced by the color of the plumes of smoke in Beirut following the massive explosion in Beirut, which was blamed on the 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate being stored in a warehouse near the epicenter of the accident.

Sigurdson further speculated that the ammonium nitrate used to start these so-called wildfires may have been taken from the U.S., when over 60,000 pounds of the chemical suddenly disappeared from a train departing Cheyenne, Wyoming and heading to California. (Related: Terror act in the works? 60,000 lbs of EXPLOSIVE ammonium nitrate MISSING from California-bound train.)

But Sigurdson makes it very clear that this is just one of the leading theories for how the fires started, noting that Canada and the U.S. have seen a lot of fires started by left-wing arsonist groups like the Black Bloc and Antifa.

Satellite imagery shows wildfires happen simultaneously

Another significant evidence of the wildfires being a planned attack, which Sigurdson said is meant to spur action against so-called climate change, is the fact that satellite imagery shows that all of the fires occurred at the same time.

Naturally, mainstream media outlets all over the U.S. and Canada were quick to denounce such claims as so-called “conspiracy theories.” The news division of Canada’s main public broadcaster is even spreading videos all over social media to debunk these claims.

“This is actually really common imagery when it comes to lightning-ignited wildfires,” said Johanna Wagstaffe, a meteorologist and seismologist and news anchor for CBC News in Canada, referring to some of the common videos spreading online showing the wildfires being spotted by satellite imagery happening at the same time.

“So, when a front rolls through bringing those lightning strikes, that’s the spark for new fires. But those thunderstorms often come with rain, so that means these fires are smoldering at first.”

“But because this year, our fuels in this area [Quebec] were so particularly dry, they can sort of hunker down until the right trigger comes into play. And that trigger is often daytime heating and the diurnal impacts of afternoon winds kicking in,” she added. “Once that dryness reaches that critical point, all of the fires are able to spread at the same time, being picked up by the afternoon winds that supply oxygen. It’s those same winds that cause that smoke to spread.”

Other outlets like the Associated Press and USA Today have published their own articles debunking the claims. These two outlets have focused on footage of firefighters conducting from a helicopter a planned burn in northeastern British Columbia, with the planned ignition supposedly meant to stop the fires from spreading by starving them of fuel.

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Watch this episode of “World Alternative Media” as host Josh Sigurdson speculates on whether the ammonium nitrate that went missing in a California train was used to start the massive wildfires in Canada.

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