Elizabeth Warren’s ancestor was a TRAITOR against Native Americans, just like Warren is a traitor against all Americans today

September 14, 2019 JD Heyes 0

As another 2020 Democratic presidential debate approached Thursday night, Warren had not been asked at all about her false claims of having Native American ancestry. The first two debates were hosted by Trump-hating networks CNN and MSNBC, respectively, so it’s no surprise that she wasn’t asked to clarify why she lied for more than three decades about her alleged Native American ties.

Amazon is now just an extension of the “military industrial complex” and the CIA deep state, with high-profit ties to Pentagon

July 15, 2019 JD Heyes 0

Amazon.com Inc. and Microsoft Corp. were designated in April as finalists for the contract, drawing complaints from rival companies including Oracle Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. , which say the contract-award process was skewed from the start to favor Amazon—an allegation both the Pentagon and Amazon dispute.

Clinton State Department Official Just Sentenced To Prison, For Taking Money & Gifts from China

July 12, 2019 JD Heyes 0

Enter Bill Clinton. In 1996 during his reelection bid, China illegally donated to his campaign. While the Democrat-aligned “mainstream media” mostly whiffed on the scandal, the Washington Post reported in 1998 that “evidence gathered in federal surveillance intercepts has indicated that the Chinese government planned to increase China’s influence in the U.S. political process in 1996.”

Austin joins San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in accelerated collapse toward third world living conditions for the homeless, impoverished masses

July 6, 2019 JD Heyes 0

“Since the Beto O’Rourke campaign, urban centers have shifted more to the Left, as witnessed with Dallas County voters giving O’Rourke 66% of the vote. As a result, they are embracing policies such as lax law enforcement and economic redistributionism,” Big League Politics noted in a separate story.

The part of the U.S.-Mexico deal you haven’t heard about: Trump admin will send migrants BACK to where they came from “full throttle”

June 14, 2019 JD Heyes 0

There are many aspects of the recently agreed upon deal between the United States and Mexico that have not been reported by the so-called “mainstream media,” and that’s because it serves as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, which wants “open borders” and no enforcement of our immigration statutes.

INVASION: One-third of Guatemalans want to move to America… and Dems are trying to make it happen as soon as possible

May 14, 2019 JD Heyes 0

According to a recent survey of Guatemalans conducted by the Association for Research and Social Studies and Barometro de las Americas, 39.2 percent of Guatemalans would like to migrate, 85 percent of them to the United States. Which means that roughly 5.6 million Guatemalans would like to come here, not including the close to one million who already came here in recent years.